my love

am sorry abt that communication but u ought to know this love, i will never regret that time i spent with u,i?dnt trade it for anything i swear 2 God.


please forgive me. I cannot live without you. I love you more then you will know. I love you I love you I love you e

My husband

i am cheating on you with a man i know only as Sir. i have this need you can not understand. i wish i was stronger, to resist, to be faithful. i can?t, i?m so sorry

I am sorry

Jessica, I am so sorry that you and Gretchen are caught up in my mess. I love you and Gretchen but know she isn?t happy right now. She didn?t deserve what was said and especially Gn. I just hope she will stand by him through all this and help him when he needs it. Men aren?t so easy to talk about depression as women. Addiction is such an awful thing that you really need loved ones and understanding daily. I thank God for you and Kristin. Please work through this with Gretchen – give her a day or so, maybe tonight?? I don?t know, and just don?t mention any of this. Just apologize for yelling at her and keep to your promises about talking about me and Judy. I am still baffled over Thanksgiving and don?t guess I will get over that, and it doesn?t seem to bother Judy. But keep an open mind with them and continue your love with Gretchen. She has a lot going on with her life right now. I?ll always love that girl, but I understand how she feels, I have to go to the store. Love, mama


Please will you give us all a way to make things right with you. We are truly sorry for all your anguish over the years .Please find forgiveness in your heart for us.We want to work this out. Love Dad and Brenda

Rape your alligator

I?m sorry I raped your little alligator. Please forgive me. It might console you to know that your alligator hurt me more than I hurt your alligator, emotionally at least.

I Forgive You

Pop, I haven?t seen you in 12 years. People say I?m turning into a beautiful girl. I know you remember me, but I?m frozen in your memory as that young, helpless girl. You hurt me. You took something from me that you didn?t deserve. You took something from me that I didn?t want to give you. You have made me wonder about myself and the people around me. What you did to me is something that no one should ever do to anyone. But I want you to know that I forgive you. I hope God enters your life and I hope you turn to him. Maybe one day I will see you in heaven, and you can apologize to me there. Until then, I want you to know that you will never have me again. My mind will no longer wonder. I have come to terms with what has happened. You can no longer steal my life from me. You can no longer control me. I am me, and I am beautiful and wonderful, and smart and whole. God has given that to me, and I hope that one day, He will give the same thing to you.


Love is really the only thing that matters. I forgive you Heather for not keeping your word and taking instead of giving.

Im sorry

Im sorry for forgeting to call you mom. I love you so much!

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