Please Forgive Me

I am sorry about reading your private mail. Even though I was hurt by what you wrote about me, etc., I had no right to do it. I have caused you enough grief and pain. I forgive you for EVERYTHING. It is Christmas; please let?s start over again as friends, not enemies. In spite of what I now know, I still care about you. Otherwise I wouldn?t do this.

please talk to me

i know you are really mad at me and dont want to talk to me, but please believe me when i say i am not fake. that girl just hates me for some reason, she sent that to everyone and they all believe me except you. i dont care if they believe me, i just want you to. because i care about you so much and i love you, and just want it back to the way it was before. i just want you back. please believe me!


forgive me larla, i have made fun of you behind your back because you?re selfish

im so sorry

im really sorry…. i just wish u could understand!! xoxo


I forgive my blog readers for being total douches this year.

I forgive you

…for being a total douche and fucking Caroline behind my back.

I?m Sorry

For being pushy and causing you much grief and emotional pain. I need your forgiveness more than anything right now. Please.

Missing you

forgiveness my ass what do i need forgiveness for u did nothing wrong. i did oh well dats done and over now i?ll miss u when school is out but i?ll still play wit u and talk to you and e-mail you!! Bye Strawberry!!! Your gurl, Kamipooh

love me.

forgive me, if i held back your life for 3 years, i am deeply sorry, i love you, and i will never stop loving you, or feel the way that i feel about.

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