Well sorry for what I did

To my dearest

I beg forgiveness for pushing…for causing you grief. I am sorry for going too far…I?m sorry for expressing myself in a way that made you feel bad. I never meant for you to feel that way. I?m sorry for hurting you so deeply when I bit your head off while being defensive…and I?m very sorry for being over the top. I love you…and thank you for the lilies…

Iam sorry i hurt you

Paul, Iam sorry for the way i sent you sms, it was not only wrong but shameful. Iam sorry. I want to say so much but the only word that matters to me now is you to accept my forgiveness. Susan Nassaka


I am so sorry that i was being to selfish…at least I am the one that has started to relise that we can?t be mad at each other for long…….IM SORRY:{[…..


Im Sorry for all thats happend i hope you can learn to forgive me.


For looking where I should have…

to my beutifull one and only

i dont know what i have done wrong. i started to loose my string somehow i dont know why maybe because you left me,boy. maybe i hurt you. i know that we somtimes have the same landscape. i am starting to forget . you did somthing . find it please. i dont want the evil would take me. show me the way to h.k i love you. please remember!!!!!! some things have to be excuted.other things have to stay inside. and i am frozen . i need you . we need to talk. s please , lets try it again. you know me better than anyone else on this earth.

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