Thru e-mail?! Pls tel me yes no or maybe

No one can be anyone except who they are/ Everyone?s irreplaceable in their own way by far/Throughout the night my brightest shining star/By day my sunshine even through the rain/Only my kids I?ve ever loved so much/I?d rather die than go through such pain/Together or not when two are in love/Keep at most best friend distance outta th? way/Cause even if you?re not tryin to get serious/Otherwise you could very well pay/To keep someone from hurting/Or thinking something you know they?ll think/Even though you know it?s not true/Whatever you do DON?T lie/If found out it?s only worse for them & you/I already knew all of that so/God Oh God why Why did I throw away/This friendship I knew was forever to stay/I?m so SORRY & every day I wanna die/Thinking about my kids keeps me going/It?s the only way I can get by/Please tell me some day she?ll believe me/And at the least she?ll forgive me/And hopefully again she?ll call me her friend/And this deadly pain I?m feeling will end/No one can be anyone except who they are/Everyone?s irreplaceable in their own way by far/She?s my irreplaceable Don?t throw away your irreplaceable/I?m so sorry!!!!! :?-(

Please Forgive me

Im sorry I did not mean to hurt you when I broke up with you. Its just that you never talked to me. Im sorry. So I hope we can still be friends. Sincerly, Anonymous


please forgive me for everything i have ever done to u and i am so sorry for it. please email me and tell me if u forgive me or not

Rest easy

I forgive you. Not that you did anything that needs to be forgiven. You gave me something that no one can ever take away. Memories I have done nothing more beautiful in my life than in solemn sice pass the night slowly running the back of my hand along the gth of her body in the pale moonlight; drinking in with my eyes the glory and divinity of the nakedness of woman.

sorry for being fake

I have lived a lie of being fake to one of my friends so long that now it my be true. I actually hate you and each time you call me or email me I pretend to care. In the end it has benifited me but I want to say sorry for being fake. I will continue this way for our entire lives. You may never know I hate you. I may die with this secret. friends close enimes closer

Want to Make Amends

I don?t think you understood when I called in July after all these years, what I honestly was attempting to convey. Simply want to apologize for being such a royal beach 27 yrs ago. Didn?t realize how careless I was toward your feelings; how it was for you on receiving end of inconsiderate, selfish & immature behavior I definitely exhibited toward a decent friend. God knows I speak from my heart & am truly sorry.


Tommy, I forgive you for when you stole my car and shot my dog. I know you think your dog is better, but really I was heart broken. I forgive you. Please let the atonement of the Lord cover you. Whether you believe in wild ranging atonement theories or you are just glad Jesus saved you be forgiven. But you owe me 50 bucks for the dog…seriously.


As 2007 draws to a close, I am inclined to reflect on the past year. I met only 1 person that stirred up something in me. That was you. I am so very sorry that things happened the way they did. So many things have been said. I wish I could take it all back. Can you ever forgive me? I can?t stop thinking about you. I know that you have a lot of things on your plate and I promise that I?ll be a good friend. God knows this is from my heart. Please think about it. I believe our friendship can be salvaged. I hope to hear from you again one day.

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