get it off my chest

i dont know if this site is for real – but interesting concept. im filled with so much hate recently, almost seems the older i get the more complicated things get and the more i tend to remember the bad and neglect the good in my life. im sorry that i cant stop hating you, that i cant get past our past. Im sorry that i havent sent that last check because i cant get over all the things you did to hurt me. i know i should be the bigger man but i cant let it go, i dont know why. i wish we had never met so that I wouldnt have to know this bitterness that lies inside me.


i am sorry! i didn?t mean to snap! i really was just mad i didn?t realize what i did was wrong until after i hurt you what i did was wrong i hope you know it will never happen again i am sorry really sorry i cant believe i didn?t know that how i felt about you mattered but know my eyes have opened and i can see that i dont just you it is much more i think i love you it might be a little fast but this is how i feel find it in your heart to forgive me?

Please Forgive me!

I?m very sorry for what I?ve done! But I was wondering sometime, if you ever feel it to please forgive me! If you dont want to I completely understand. (please dont get mad for me trying) -Weston

Please forgive my intestinal distress

Dear Pastor Berg, Please accept my enduring forgiveness for crapping up your bathroom. I will try my best not to do it again while you are in town. Yours in Christ, Mr. Sunseri

i forgive

i hope we will salbrat christmas together. i,stupid am starting to do the rong things /

Forgive Me

forgive me for carrying around this burden for a year, forgive me for not being able to greet you or look you in the eye, forgive me for hanging on to this

Forgive Me please!!!!!

I am so sorry……… umm please forgive me………. please…… i promise to stop texting………and i willl stop doing everything i do wrong i promise………….!!!!!!!!! Please!!! i willl get on my hands and knees………….. 4give ME I AM BEGGING U!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a confession

im sorry i didnt were a good frind to you. especially when it comes to a beautifull treasure that needs me. i love you and thats why i dont want to see you right now. i also miss you. i hope you would understand me. somtimes i think that in our very first acquaintance we were afraid of hurting each other so much that we misunderstood each other.that was bad. in that moment i changed and i started to act unconfident. i have an obssesive personality. i see it clearly now. and this is my reaction when a trauma hits me. i know now that this is a problem. altought some keeps telling me i am making it a problem when i define it as a problem. its my private problem. i want you to know that im trying to change and to become a better person and a better friend. love,miss

I ask For your forgiveness

I know thing?s got tough between us and I?ve always wish I could go back and make it better for you and take the pain away.You are a great man and you?ve alway?s been there for me and my kid?s .That mean?s the world to me more then I tell you or show..Your are my best friend and nothing could make me not love you..I did some bad thing?s in the past and made wrong chioces,but I?m here today after being apart for 2yr?s to tell you that I?m soooo sorry for the pain and heart ack that I put you threw. I know nothing can take it back and that?s why I pray for you.. I?d be lost without you in my life,your a big part of it now and I?d never want to go back where we were..I hope you learn to forgive life?s to short.. I love you, jennifer

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