I feel so so bad

Sorry to my former friends in which i have said mean things about. I was tempted by the evil one and I easily gave in. I deeply regret what I have done and all I ask for is another chance. PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I have pain because I feel that things will not get better but I constantly pray to the Lord that he will redeem me and bring me back stronger. Help them realize that I am a new person and can be trusted. HELP ME LORD!!

Forgiveness for stealing from my roommat

This was a long time ago, my roommate was sleeping and I was out of work with nothing in my pockets. ??Luckily?? for me, that night an old friend of Amir from the Army stayed the night in the apartment. I took advantage of that opportunity and took out 145 dollar from the bag; that was the first time I ever did something that. It seemed as if my roommate never noticed what happened but after a month, I left the apartment and I still don?t have the guts to call him. Yes, it?s true – I know I?m a really bad friend. Dear friend, although you are probably unaware of the whole thing, I ask for your forgiveness.

I am really sorry

A year has passed, I haven?t forgotten. I thought I would manage to do that, but I have not even forgiven. You hurt me, you abandoned me. Then suddenly you returned, and now you want to come back to me? What did you expect me to do? Did you expect me to take you back with open arms? I say: no big deal??? she was just a child. I?ve already told you what they say: if you for me once, shame on you, if you fool me twice, shame on me, and I do not want it to happen twice. Forgive me, forgive me, that I do not have the strength to forgive you.

A letter that was written 3 years ago

Forgive me for never sending the letter David, I am writing to you at two in the morning because I want you to know that every night I toss and turn in bed when I am not with you and I really want you to know. I really love you, even if I don???t show it in the right way, that suits you. I feel that I know you so well, as though years had already passed, and you don?t really know how much I want to be with you, how much I want you. I don?t even know how to explain. You are my man and I really feel that I am your woman and I would go through fire and water for you and by your side??? I am imagining, fantasizing, dreaming of a son and a daughter from you, cute little ones who would look you. And it doesn?t matter what has been and want will be, that is what I really want. I want??? so much that I dare to write all of this to you??? And maybe you really want me to forget you. Most of the time I am the one who wants to forget you, but I can?t??? and I hope that through this flight abroad, you?ll find a remedy, to my disappointment. For the mistakes that I made, I cannot ask for any more forgiveness, but my feeling is that every time that I managed to get close, you withdraw again from me??? but maybe that is just a feeling. I have nothing more to say, just that I hope that you will not be part of the past. By the way, you were my first. I was always afraid to tell you that so you wouldn?t feel pressured. If there is still hope, I am waiting. Adriana

Forgive me, even though it is too late

Forgive me for arguing with you over such petty things, and forgive me for the fact that such a terrible tragedy had to occur for me to understand how wrong I was. Death gives a different perspective to things that I thought were important then, which now seem so foolish. People, learn from my mistake and reconcile with whoever you are fighting with, and always forgive and don?t live with the guilt. If, heaven forbid, something happens, it will all be too late and you?ll regret it for the rest of your life. All your anger is small and meaningless compared with death.

To an amazing girl – forgive me

Sandra, Forgive me breaking up with you that way. It?s all my fault. I couldn?t bear the honesty, the authenticity and the power of your feelings. I wasn?t mature enough and, needless to say, I didn?t deserve a girl you. I?m sorry that we did not sit and talk, because then I would have told you that all I needed was a bit of personal space and maybe we would still be in contact. Who knows? I hope you did not take it personally because you are really an amazing girl. I am the idiot in this story and you did nothing wrong. So from a distance of 3 years and thousands of kilometers, I ask your forgiveness. Joey

Forgive me, from a former friend

Richard, Forgive me for the fact that each time that you did something amazing for me, I did not appreciate it… Forgive me for all the arguments that took place… Forgive me for being stupid and not treating you a friend… Forgive me for not knowing what love is. Forgive me for thinking that you were cheating on me with Laura! Forgive me for the fact that the irritation was for nothing… But now I know that my love for you is more real than ever and I know what my mistake was! I hope that you will be happy the way I saw you happy during happy times… I hope that you will be happier than ever, even if it is not with me. And just every day, I hope anew that you will return to me and give me one more chance. Love you always, Tangy (nickname)

My friends that killed in September 11

To my two friends who were killed in the terrorist attack on September 11th I want to ask forgiveness from both of you, S. and M., my precious angels, who will remain 16 years old forever, high school students forever, innocent forever. I want to ask your forgiveness for the fact that for years I could not find the strength to go to visit your families who were so in need of support. I visited them weeks after the tragedy and after that I abandoned them for four long years. Only now have I found the strength to come to them and remember you, and they received me with joy and understanding. I?m sorry that I could not look at your relatives without being reminded of you. That I could not come to personal memorial services without feeling embarrassed. Now I am 22 years old and I have mature or should a great deal, and I can look your parents and your brothers and sisters in the eye and share my pain and absorb their pain. I?m sorry for being small and not managing to extract myself from my private mourning over your loss. This is not justification, but 16 is a very young age to contend with death. I love you and miss you unbearably. Mary

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