I do forgive you

Kalry i was never mad at you snd by the way it is not josh it is Tavala because i think thatyou let her off too easy and you no it!!!! i am not mad i you i a dissapointed at you. Look Karly i no we are friends but u have too not let people get off so easy!

I forgive you

Dear Stephen, I forgive you for sending me this electronic sin forgiver. Gary


taylor i really hope you forgive me because i know that deep down you really want 2. i know that i really want u 2 at least. but taylor im not making u forgive me but im just hoping u will. because i know that we have had fights before but not as bad as this one. but taylor i can tell u right now that me and that thing r not friends anymore and i really hate josh right now 4 saying wat he did. and i will talk 2 him wait no scratch that i will YELL at him 4 that. but all i have 2 say is forgive me, please.


i?m sorry i?m not always there the way i should be ..that i put things in front of you guys when i know your way more important im sorry that at times i don?t show or let you know how much you mean to me b/c you do ……………………

I?m sorry

kristin, I?m sorry for trying to show you my taco, it was inappropriate in the workplace and although I love tacos, i realize that everyone doesn?t, and I shouldn?t try to show mine, especially at work. but hey, on the real, do you wanna see my taco?


Sorry for my behavior. I just recently got stabilized. It?s embarrassing and doesn?t represent the true me. I?ve learned a big lesson, to be vigilant and ask for help. When this happens, I run off most everyone except for my parents. Sorry.

Sorry. . .

I am so sorry for the way I was acting. . . I was a jerk. Wil you forgive me?


i?m sry that i hurt you can we still be friends

20 years ago

forgive me for not including you in my decision and then later not telling you the truth for the reason that we parted as lovers and friends.


this was THE day i forgive u for

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