this was THE day i forgive u for

I want you back…

Everything inside never comes out right , and when I see you hating me this , it makes wanna die … I know i have said wrong things which cant be taken back.. but its never too late to make things right .. Hoping for your forgiveness .. I hav lost everything in life , dont wanna loose you.. hope you can be the same as you were earlier forgiving me for my sins..


I am so sorry I didn?t get the text joke you sent. Please forgive me!

Our friendship

Sarah, I am begging for your forgiveness and hope you will be my friend. I want you to keep the gifts I gave to you because I dont want to give all mine back to you. The massager, game, etc. Please just forgive me and be my friend. I love you with all my heart. I am truly sorry for everything.

Mean to my friends

I was skiing with my friends and i am not sure wut happened but i ended up saying you fucking idiot to them and i had no right to and it was really mean and i feel really bad

Unrequited love

I?m sorry our drama went on for so long and I never said anything. I hope it will not change our friendship and you will forgive me causing so much awkwardness and never saying anything.




Madison, Do you know what a clean sleight is? Its a fresh start. And thats what I want and need, the chance to have a fresh start, then I would be happy. The things I have said today were just anger, not reality. I cant loose you, ever. Just one more chance thats all i need, and I will be the best friend you will ever had. So please, give me a clean sleight. If you still dont want to forgive me or give me a clean sleight, then just tell me and I will leave you alone. Sorry again, Amber

I am sorry too

Do not have to be sorry. Anyway I forgive for everything you have and had nnot d. Feel free and calm. Enjoy your life and tell me if you strill want me to call you


I forgive you and I am sorry it got out I did not do it ann did so pleas will you forgive me !

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