Giving Up

D: I?m sure you have blacklisted me after yesterday and today. You are never going to talk to me again, in person or email. As hard as it for me to accept, it is the reality of the situation. I?ve prayed every day for that to change, foolishly made wishes, even prayed to St. Jude. Nothing has changed. And there is no sign that it will. I have lost your friendship and its over. Do me a favor? When we get together as a family, please do your best to be nice to me for a few hours. L.

I Beg You To Forgive Me.

I know we all have problems in our lives.I know at one time or another we have done someone big time wrong at one point or another in our lives! I come to you Renessa,asking,begging,and pleading with you to please forgive me for telling your husband about us and please forgive me for all the threats i have spoken against you about. I?m wanting desparately for us to continue what as we know God started in our lives with each other and to eventually be married in the eyes of the Lord and have many children as the Lord will allow and become missionary?s in Africa as God has commanded us to be.I know that none of this can take place until you have completely forgiven me for all i?ve betrayed you with. So Renessa my love i ask,beg,and plead with you to please forgive me of ALL my sins that i have committed against you please. I love you and would love to continue God?s glorious will in our lives.With all my love,Chessie Mann Stewart.

foolish mistakes

I?ve made a lot of emotionally foolish mistakes, but your friendship would have meant to lot to me. I?m sorry for all the misunderstandings and for all the mistakes I?ve made. I am so sorry and regret all the bad things that have happened. I realize more than you know and am sorry for everything.


This week starts Lent. I made a promise to God that I would move on. I know you are spamming my emails, and of course, I don?t blame you. I broke my promise several times. I have asked for your forgiveness and I still forgive you for what happened, even though I know how much you hate me. I pray every day that will change. You know, D., in that horrible email you wrote, you said that you wanted to ??destroy my miserable existence??. Just so you know, you succeeded in destroying a part of me inside with those words. I know that you never had any respect or cared for me as a person to write such horrible things. I am crushed to think that you are cruel enough to feel that way about anyone, including me. I hope you will regret writing that someday. I am not trash. I was your friend once. I will never tell anyone about G. and C. That is a promise I will keep forever.


I?m sorry Kaiyou! Ever since I became 3 my parents abused me, and one day left me in a city 5 hours away from where we lived. On purpose too. So I?ve been taking it out on every one and I ask….will you please forgive me? If you don?t I swear I do not blame you, for the horrible things I?ve done.

so sry

so… were so sry and i hope you forgive us back!

i am sorry

i am so sorry for what i have said last nite and i am terribly asking for your forgiveness. I am looking forward of a much better relationship with you through your love. i luvubabe?


i forgive you & thank goodness i?m finally free from your lies

I?m sorry.

I?m so sorry I put you out that night. You were too old and thin to be out. I?m sorry that you were cold and alone. I wish you?d come back but I suspect you can?t. I am sorry from the bottom of my heart. I am truly sorry.


why did you tempt me?

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