wassup girlfriend!!!

i luv u girlfriend!!! im asking for your forgivness if i did anything to hurt u.


you promise me a lot of things when you needed me. you promised that you will never leave me but you did. i never said i needed you … i guss you were a child because i never left you./ to forgive you is to go on with my life.

I?m sorry

I apologize for my behavior. I?m sorry for hurting you.


carly, im sorry….i didnt bail on you, and i dont want you to feel i did. kyleigh just changed the plans on me, and i didnt want to hurt her feelings, but i ended up hurting yours… im sure your mom hates me, and thinks that i set up another playdate when you were at my house, and then kicked you out….but i didnt…i hope you understand that. i already had plans with both you and kyleigh, but my plans with kyleigh got all tangled up in my plans with you…i hope you read this, and i hope you and your mom forgive me and understand your friend<3 rachael


we should go out


im sry 4 bein dumb enough 2 think that u may hav changed after i gav u another chance

A monster

Daze, I am sorry that I lied to you to earn your trust. I shouldn?t have, I hurt you and lots of other people by what I did. I just really want you to understand that I am sorry and ashamed of what I did… Thanks, – Smalls.

Let?s Forgive and Forget.. Please!

I am sorry that I snooped. I had no right to invade your privacy that. It might have been better to keep quiet about what I did, but I couldn?t live with myself. You and I were deceitful to our families and each other. We could have had a nice friendship if I had just acted an adult. This has gone on for too long. I think about all the time we wasted with all this nonsense, when we could have had a nice, friendly relationship. We are both at fault. I forgive you for the terrible things you said about me. Please find it in your heart to forgive me too, not only for invading your privacy, but for all the years of grief and pain I put you through. I pray that someday we can reconcile our friendship so we can all hang out together again.

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