I am sorry I put you through all this. And that I was being too protective. I hope you can find it somewhere deep down in your heart to forgive me. I would love to continue being friend.


Please forgive me and let us be friends and talk… I hate that you are giving me the cold shoulder now. I never wanted this and lets not end this.. I had a great 2 1/2 years with you..Please


Hey I?m sorry too, I?ve been really stressed out with this whole thing too… jane and alison don?t realize that this isn?t just an, oh the guy doesn?t me boo hoo better someone else, it?s a sadness thing and i just get really annoyed at how much alison really doesn?t care about other people?s feelings. it?s just annoying but i am really sorry about being so rude… luv, mattie

I?m sorry…

My Love, Please forgive me. I know I upset you all the time, I know i do things wrong and act wrong. I know you wouldn?t get so upset at me if i were just better. Forgive me, please, for being slow, for being dumb. For being imperfect. I?ll never be more then what I am, and so if you have it in you, forgive me all of that and then love me for who I am. I do love you


lz fogive me fo everythin i did


Pleace forgive me about my behave i am sorry- pleace forgive me Anaa


im sorry you dont want to be my friend im sorry i was a jerk. im sorry i moved away and im sorry you dont want to speak to me anymore


I?m really sorry 4 doing that and i just wanted 2 know. beacuse bff?s don?t do that keep secrets or hide things I told all of my secrets 2 u now your turn Love, Hallianne

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