Dany forgive me

I now know how it pains when prayers of love are not answered. But there is nothing I can now undo. I can see you have also moved on. I wish you all good things and hope you have a big heart to forgive me too.


Love is a funny thing. It makes us act on impulse, as if we are… almost not the same person we were before. This comes to a crux when this love is torn asunder, and causes us to act even farther. I apologize for the pain I caused you. It was your decision, and… I didn?t get that. I?m sorry.


please forgive me i?m really sorry don?t be mad cleore said she sorry too. please talk to me again

blind cats and blinder boys.

There are a million ways that I?ve rationalized this and there are things I wish would have been been done differently by either of us … but the most important thing of all is that when you were going through a bad time I didn?t have the maturity and wisdom to know what you needed from me (which was mostly me just backing off) … I valued your friendship and your advice and our conversations … you once said, you and I are intense people. I hope for the very best for you and that the last several years have been kind to you. Take care.

depression is not good

maybe i do not want to know all of you . i just loved somthing about you that was pure and beutifull. i d your optimisem and your humor. nobody can take it from you if its yours. it?s butifull and that was the only reason i fell. you touched my heart . you were real. i know we cant be togethr right now. i believe in changing and in forgetting and forgiving. i dont know what kind of anger you have towerds me but if you do i guss i deseve it .


I am sorry for letting this go for this long….i mean i guess i thought if i never brought up the problem again it would be fine…even though we r friends now…doesn?t mean the problems gone..so i wanted to say sorry for not bringign it up and fixing it.. i think it is fixed now.. but i just wanted to say sorry.

I love you <3 my big sissy <3

i dont know about u but i feel soooo stupid rite now. i cant belive we fought cuzz u didnt get carney?s number. damn. I FEEL SOOOOOOO STUPID!!!!T_T STUPID SAVANNAH STUPID SAVANNAH STUPID SAVANNAH STUPID SAVANNAH!!!!(BANGS HEAD ON WALL) anyway my point is im really sorry i never thought we would get in a fight to where we call eachother fuckers and asses and bitches unless we r just playing around we did at the park wen i think botu the day at the park and all the other things we did togther and how we acted to eachother and then think about this….i feel sooooooo dumb and ive never felt any more dumb in my life. wen we were argueeing i was shaking with anger and FEAR cuzz i thought we werent gonna be friends any more and no matter how hard i tried to stop shaking i couldnt. and im gonna tell u somethin? ive never told any body before. NOT EVEN CARNEY KNOWS!!! its my most deepest darkest secret and i dont know if i already told u but ill tell u again. wen u get the chance call me and ill tell you. k?? any way i love you Paige cuzz no matter how many times we fight and call eachother names i will always think of you as a big sister cuzz no sisters or friends can live without fights sometimes and thats very true…and u know it 🙂 I Love You Big Sissy :?) <3 <3 <3 i know ur in bed rite now and u wont get this till u get one but ?Good Night and Sweet Dreams? Ily my big sissy <3 <3 <3 :?)

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