my dear love ! Sorry

my dear love !
Sorry !

Sorry I did not appreciate you and I did not give you the proper respect

Sorry I did not trust you and I always doubted your intentions

Sorry you had to suffer all the time

Sorry I did not tell you that you were always the most honest with me and most real

Sorry I was not listening to you

Sorry I did not pay attention to your wishes

Sorry I was hard

Sorry I was a nuisance and the complaints and the complaining

Sorry for jealousy

Sorry for letting you feel I’m better than you

Sorry I did not get up every morning with a smile when I saw you

Sorry I was looking for what was wrong and I forgot what was good

I’m sorry I ran away and did not run, which I also hurt from a distance

Sorry I hurt you with harsh words

Sorry I forgot that you were by my side in good and bad times in good times

Sorry I said you were nothing without me

Sorry I pressed for what I already had

I am sorry that with all that you have already passed I have transferred you to unnecessary suffering

I’m sorry I got you scared

Sorry for the first quarrel and the last quarrel and all those who were in the middle

Sorry that the children also took out the anger and it hit you too

I’m sorry I said you were a case instead of saying to yourself you won

Sorry I did not tell you my love for you every day

Sorry I wanted and tried to change you

Sorry I did not say that you are not like the world, that you are the best of them all

Sorry I did not believe you really loved me

Sorry I tried to check my place in your heart, so I actually lost you forever

Sorry I can not let my love go to you

Sorry I did not ask for forgiveness when I needed to

I’m sorry to have known you so early in my life

I’m sorry to have known you so early in my life that I was still a stupid girl with many fears I brought home.
I had to understand what is love and stop thinking so much.
I know that if I wasn’t afraid of the future I would flow with you and it was a simple and true love story.
It’s all my fault. How did I not appreciate it?
How so fast I gave up?
How much did I demand?
I had everything, when I remembered it we had a good time, when I forgot, and when I was busy with nonsense, the problems began.
I apologize from the bottom of my heart for every little pain and suffering and for every minute of bad feeling I caused to your dear heart.
Every time I understood that this good thing (you) I might lose I convinced you to another Chan’s and again I forgot and I was wrong again.
I know that it’s hard for you to see what I am today and I understand it, you suffered a lot from me and I, too, would have been reluctant to approach the cause of suffering that is actually me.
I am sorry for the evil nature that I have to hold you because I am so aware of my loss of being without you.
Sorry that the little girl who lived inside me still believes that true love is forever.

Sorry my love, for

Sorry my love, for the days i caused you suffering. I’m sorry for the things I told you, that I said about you, that I talked about you, about us, with people …
It was stupid and childish. I’m sorry for days you cried because of me.
You’re the best thing that ever happened to me and I love you, respect you and appreciate you so much.
I just want you to be happy, to be good, because you deserve it.
I apologize for the moments I hurt you, the frustrations I caused you, the quarrels we had, you are my happiness and I love you very much.

Sorry, my ex-girlfriend

My ex-girlfriend,
I know you still hate me and I’m still a shit man for you, but I want to tell you something.

Once we was together, I felt for the first time in my life what is love.
You were the first in my life.
I went out with you because I wanted to feel what love really was.
It’s the most charming thing that can happen.
I loved you more than anything else, I did not care what others thought and said about you.

What broke our relationship… little things you did
time, trust, and … you can never forgive me.

Sorry, my ex-girlfriend

I forgive you

You did not ask for forgiveness, but I could see through the tears that you shame about it.
I forgive you for taking revenge on me for using a number of people against me.
I forgive you for trying to make me crazy.
I forgive you because I know you are ashamed of these acts.
I forgive you because I loved you in the past very badly and you were very hurt from me.
I remember you told me you were vengeful, I did not understand how much.
I’m sure you read what I write here on the site, I hope you do the right thing
I Hope you forgive yourself
Therefore I forgive.

My love I did not lie

I write here for the last time. I want to trust life, to lead us to the best places.
I did not lie because I am a chronic liar or what is called the definition, I do not remember;). I lied because I wanted to prevent our son’s marriage because I know what will happen after me.
But today I realized after silence that it may be stupid and stupid to destroy something so strong because of the future and maybe it’s time to let go and let life flow.
I have no idea if you still love me and if you have a pinch of confidence in me.
Not asking for anything or actually asking if you can come back here.
I’m still continuing because my choices were bad.
I hurt the two men I loved because I know more than you but Tachles is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but the stupidest thing turns out that at the other end, it does not matter.
If it real come back

Too bad

I ‘m sorry I got into a situation I hate you
Sorry that every time I remember you I hate you
Sorry I don ‘t appreciate you
Sorry I do not find the strength and the ability to forgive and live with you.
I’m sorry I did not have the courage to say good-bye, I’m sorry that I think you’re a disgusting man.
Sorry you remind me of the past, I do not love you, sorry I never believed in you,

Sorry for the timing

Sorry for the timing
If I could change anything in my life
I would ask
To be born a decade later.
So everything was different,
I was alone.
I would look at you
Once and that will be enough for me
To assure myself
I will not let you go
I would do anything to make you feel good
That every day you live you will be happy.

I did not wait for a little while to be born
So I can live by your side
As I always wanted.

I love you every day of my life until my last day.
We’ll meet in the next life.

I tried to give you everything

I tried to give you everything I tried not to let you down I tried to change and I’m still trying to change for you And I can not succeed
I have too much pressure
I was tired and tired It could be my fault
I love you I hope I’ll be able to be your Love

The God of the Universe

Help me get to know myself because I do not know me. Explain to me why I fell in love with this man, and not with another? Why with all the pain do I still see it as love? What’s special about this man ??? After all, all I loved about him was exactly the opposite of who he is today! And what makes my heart continue to stay there Is this obsessive that can not be so that love looks !!!! Just can not be !!! And the Creator of the world will erase me from the heart, who needs a man who should not be mistaken with him Who needs a person who almost killed me because of anger Who needs it Explain to me my mind twisted with love When good to me I destroy when evil I am left to love. I’m just obsessed because there’s no real love situation Painful It can not be It just can not be So the Creator will pull it out of my heart now