hey if your friend is sad then don?t be afraid to say you?re sorry and ask if you want to be friends again

Professional ethics

Sometimes my son – people give their all to another – simply because they believe in him and in his way. The path of life leads us to change our behavior and the person that we support no longer meets our expectations. So we hurt him at every opportunity and expect him to continue to remember that we once helped and supported him. But the person who is hurt cannot bear the insult. He decides to spread his wings…and fly…to another place. But???he can?t forget the person who helped him in the past. Especially since he appreciates that person so much and follows his endeavors, in order to learn more from him…but regret sometimes torments us. And even if we sometimes do everything to radiate control and balance – we are falling apart inside. That doesn?t mean that we aren?t angry about the hurtful behavior, but the regret is greater than the anger… Robin, do you remember????? Jordan, your friend


I forgive you for loving me then rejecting me. I hope you can forgive me someday too. I will always love you despite the pain I am experiencing.

self forgiveness and love

Forgiveness to myself for all of the self destructive,self hatered, self center,self indulgence, self depreciating actions,behaviors,and thoughts. I now am starting to see and know the true power and beauty that I was created to be. I ask for forgiveness from all that I injured with these and other behaviors. And pray that the day will come for all to see the beauty and magnificence that is they.


I would to ask god for forgivness. a long time ago i have an affair with a married man and i still am problems dealing with it. i need gods forgivness and i am hoping that he has forgiven me

Where has my world disappeared to?

I am almost 70 years old and I no longer recognize the world I live in. I feel a stranger even on my own street. I hope that people will feel better about themselves and do good things.

The country that once existed is dead..

My heart is with you. Dear lady, you are not alone in this feeling of yours. I am 40 years old and I don?t recognize my surroundings. I remember my childhood. People were different, the world was different. Maybe it was harder from a practical and technological standpoint. The world was less developed ??? but today? People turn on each other. Once, the partitions between people were thin, there was a sense of joy in giving, there was hope. Remember the days when we sang peace songs? Hope still pulsated within us. But now? Who is singing peace songs these days? Those songs even sound a bit pathetic to me now. Our country and the people in it have changed in the wake of that dream. There is no longer any hope for peace, for serenity ??? we are dealing with survival. We have long since ceased to build, so the walls between people are far thicker. People don?t believe in anything ??? not in each other, not in the rule of law, not in the government, not in anything. It?s every man for himself. Is it any wonder that everything is different? It is sad, very sad, but dearest lady, I suggest that you stop thinking about it. Deal with the here and now, without dwelling on the past, on what was, because it is no longer relevant. Be happy now, and do everything you can to be happy now, because you deserve it.

The disappearing trees

Forgive us, world, for the fact that we forget that more people will come after us. Day after day, we destroy one tree, than another tree, than a forest and another forest, as if there were no tomorrow. Please forgive us those who tried and settle accounts with companies that are destroying our lives.

My lie in the clothing store

My name is Sharon. I?ve been working in a clothing store for over a year. It?s hard for me to believe that people can be so blind. What I?m saying now is to my detriment, but I?m only doing it for the money, the money that I receive. The store is located on an upscale street in Manhattan and my salary depends on the number of sales that I make during the month. I therefore must make as many sales as I can. Almost all the women who come into the store alone leave with clothing that really, really doesn?t suit them, and that?s due to the smooth tongue that I?ve developed. ??You look great, that?s really slimming on you??, and more and more lies when, truth be told, she looks really fat… ??That really makes your butt look smaller. It?s a good thing I brought you a smaller size. The color of the dress is just right for you. No, it doesn?t make it show more, it holds you in well,?? etc. The truth is that it?s disgusting to talk that way. It is me, but I?d become accustomed to the style and I make good money from it. I?ve even decided not to go to college and waste three years and instead of that I?m making more and more money. Forgive me, girls.