i?m sorry for when you brother died i was so mad at you i said you deserved to feel that pain

Please Forgive Me

I haven?t been perfect in life. I have made a number of mistakes, some costly. I have learned from them and want to improve. I ask for forgiveness from my mistakes.

Forgiveness for Both of Us

Last week I hit rock bottom with the content of my emails and the ??postcards?? I sent. I have a serious problem. It?s called ??addiction?? and I am now seeing a professional about everything that?s happened. I?m sure you wouldn?t understand, because you despise me and think it?s an excuse. It isn?t. I am scared. I do forgive you for what you said and the way you treated me (especially this morning, when you ignored me — I was right in back of you and you knew it because my son came up to your car). I hope you can forgive me someday. I am still trying to forgive myself too. The next time you say the ??Our Father?? really listen to these words: ??Forgive us our trespasses as WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST US.?? That is what I have decided to do from now on, because to hold a grudge and to hate is a mortal sin. I?ve already commited my share of sins. I also want to apologize for the ??ho boy?? comment. And by the way, I have and always will love you as a friend, no matter what?s happened.

Forgiveness – retraction

I?ve been thinking about the last one of these I sent. I asked for your forgiveness and said I forgave you as well. I am officially retracting my forgiveness to you. You don?t deserve it. Do you realize how badly you hurt me with that terrible email? In addition, you dumped my husband?s friendship, in lieu of your new friends. You will not return any of my emails, nor will you even take the initiative to write to my husband anymore. You told me that we all could still be friends, etc., but that wasn?t true (another one of your lies). I know I didn?t keep my promise about not writing, but I still cared for you and wanted to talk. You hated me when you wrote that email and still do. This bull###t about wanting us all to get together is just that… bull###t. You have new friends now, and me, my husband and son are history.


You hurt me no one else. I looked up to you in so many ways. I knew you would lie on your written response to me, because you know the law and as a public figure, you would not want to put yourself in a position of vulnerability. But For one sec, I dared hope that if you really believed in the power of repentance, (and trusted me you said you did) you would refrain from addressing this issue on paper but rather request for us to speak in person. Or maybe, in a God-given miracle, you would actually confess and free yourself even in writing. Instead, you lied. But… It was not the lie that hurt me so deeply. Oh no… it was the cowardice… The cowardice that portrayed a deliberate intent to deceive and exposed a carefully long ago crafted plan to lie in case you were ??busted??. Maybe it wasn?t planned. But that is exactly how it came across to me. All it reminded me of, was the boy who almost raped me 6 years ago and said I wrongly accused him, called me a liar, swearing on everything dear to him, when his mother found out about it. I compared both situations and I saw that the man I looked so highly up to could not find any better way to respond to me than to lie… cowardly, even when the truth was evident to both of us. I refused to talk to you on the phone or meet with you, because I was too tempted to record everything and create a scandale. I actually destroyed all our recorded conversations. Just as you thought I would bust you, I knew you would lie and prepared for that moment eagerly. But after praying… and trust me, I had to pray hard… I realized you were not worth it. Even though it hurt hell, I realized that many lives are tied to you and that I should not be the cause of your downfall. If it be so that you fall by someone else, may God have mercy on your soul. As for me, this day, I release you from any hurt you have caused me. I forgive you. Bring the change to the cities, but please, let it start from within, first. Now that I was able to express all I have inside, I wish you good luck in all your endeavours. Don?t feel angry. If you look deep down, you?ll realize, you?re hurt as well and very much ashamed of yourself. Don?t let pride lie to you. You couldn?t believe in a million years that I would come so strongly at you. But I had to, because my soft messages weren?t convincing to you… or me. One Love.

i?m sorry.

i?m sorry about everything i?ve ever done wrong to you, i mean it so much, i wish i could describe how much it hurts me to hurt you. honest.

For Giving Heath Bad pills

I forgive you for giving him more pills, even after he begged for help in kicking such a horrific habit.


i am really sorry but i dont know what else i could do please atlaest text me or talk to me or something and if u get this in time maybe u could go to the basketball game tomnight please think about it


I?m so sorry plz forgive me it?s hard for me plz!!!!!!!!

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