I forgive you completely for leaving in the divorce. I wish you the most happiness in your new marriage.

I forgive you

I finally forgive you. Finally. And it feels so so so good!

I suppose.

I don?t know who you are. But I forgive you for raping me. I will no longer let you control me… and so I forgive you.

Forgive me plz

i know i hurt you and i want u to forgive me. i never meant to hurt you it was just a lot on my mind and i felt i was already hurting you. but i didnt go with any other girls. they d me yea but i told everybody that i loved you. and i would never hurt you and then the rumor got out about me and this other female that was a lie we were just close friends. but i ask for ur forgiveness because i really want our friendship to be better. With love Kiera

I forgive you JOhn

I forgive you for stealing my $38,000 in cash, i forgive you for sending me to jail without reason, i forgive you for breaking my heart, i forgive you for destroying my life, i forgive you for abusing of me physically and emotionally, i forgive you for beating me , I forgive you for taking my son away from me, i forgive you for bringing me to this country and teart me so bad..I forgive for taking advantage of me. I forgive you for calling me names, i forgive you for all the damage you ave caused to my life. I will survive John and one day i will forget everything you have done to me.

Too long

Joe, will you please forgive me krissy

So sorry

I am so sorry. Please forgive me. I love you with all my heart.

I love you!!!

Hi honey, I just want to tell you that I love you. Please forgive me for anything that I?ve done to hurt you in anyway. Your honey

I wish we could have a hug-o-war.

This is anonymous so it?s safe. You?ll probably never read this. But dear Matthew I truly am sorry. I am sorry that I could not follow through last spring. I regret not meeting you so much. I can?t be a good friend to you if every time we talk I am sitting here sobbing. That?s not your fault darling, it?s mine. I am so sorry I ruined things and am even more sorry that I cannot get over it. Believe me I know how crazy it sounds to have fal in love with someone you?ve never even laid eyes on but it happened and it tears me up inside to know that you don?t feel this way and will never change your mind. You deserve someone so much better than me. I am too weak and needy and manipulative. I am sorry but I cannot and will not spend one more night sitting on a computer crying. You?ll always be the one that got away, and if it?s any consolation in the end I inflicted more pain upon myself than I ly did on you. I just hope that someday you can try to understand this and maybe find it in your heart not to hate me. I?ve never been in love before and just can?t shake it off.

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