I am sorry that issues in my past that are built into me keep returning. I fight them daily. I am sorry I assume what you are thinking. I don?t mean to. I fear I will never be what you want me to be. I am sorry, but my heart is in the right place. Please God- give me the right words to say! AMen


Sorry for being such hard-ass know-it-all. 2008 will be better…


Dear Bebe Sorry that we argue all the time, I?m also sorry that I?m not giving you the love or confidence that you need, I?m trying very hard but sometimes you have a hard time listening. Please forgive me and I won?t stop trying. I love you lots!!!

Forgive me my wife

I can?t tell you the truth, I?m ashamed of myself, I can?t look you in the eye and say that I am not myself. I married you out of love but not true love. I felt as though I was about to miss the bus and I didn?t want to be alone. Although I also love my children I feel unfulfilled

SO sorry

I am sorry I got mad at you. You probably know who this is. @~@

A Great Mistake

I wish i could say this aloud to everyone who knows of it. I?ve been keeping this a secret from so many people, who all have felt sorry for me for a imaginary event. I was never raped. I was never even touched by him in ever in my entire life. I met him only a few times. I just said it when everyone was saying it. It was terrifying and shocking to know that everyone in our group stated that day had been raped or molested or sexually abused sometime in their life. I didn?t know what to say. I panicked and spurted out a string of lies. Soon that string of lies grew and grew as it began to spread from the group to other people. Soon i couldn?t keep it under control so i burried it with even more lies. I so wish i had the courage to say this to all of you. I don?t deserve your forgiveness, sympathy, or any sad feeling towards me. But at least I got this off my chest and maybe i will someday be able to tell each and every one of you so you no longer have to live feeling bad for me. I?m so, so ,so very sorry…

I am sorry

Please forgive me for my past and realize I am trying to be better. I am so bitter and sad, not to mention depressed these day?s and I don?t want to be. I feel a little crazy now because of certain things and it?s harder to let go. Please forgive my healing process.

B,You are my world

I wish you didn?t feel the way you do. I hope you find your love for me again out there. i know you need time nad space. You are my very best friend. I miss you every minute. These 4 years have been the best days of my life. I can?t do anything. You have to figure it out on your own. I KNOW how I feel. I love you with everything I am. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. You mean that much to me. Come home soon. We are too good for each other to let this fail. We can do this. We are the BC team. I miss you. I love you Bonnie! Colin

me and my damn temper

William (Twinkle Fingers) I saw this web site and knew that I had to use it to tell you how sorry I am. I know that I have not had the best temper about things. I?m sorry that I have hurt you by allowing my temper to get the best of me. I don?t think you know how much you mean to me William. I can?t think about life without you beside me. So I?m sorry for all of the temper tantrums that i?ve had. I love you with all my soul. There isn?t anyone or thing in the entire Cosmouniverse that could change the way I feel about you. You are my everything. I?m sorry once again and hope that you can forgive me. I?m willing to do whatever it takes to help us grow closer, sorry for being cheezy but its how I feel. Love, Travis(Twinkle Toes)

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