life, death and family

My brothers for not truly understanding what happened while mom was dying and after too- my husband for his illness, and harsh words for the kids. myself for being human, trying my hardest. tami for being an awful person b4 and after my mom died. life for sucking big time. my mom for dieing. god for this, if it doesn?t help ;0 just kidding god- i figure you hear- and just make me string my soul out for some lesson or other.


Sorry for hurting you

I?m not there yet

I wish I could forgive you for trampling my heart – I wish I was that big and that strong. I?m not. I don?t wish you ill will, but I secretly celebrate when you have a set-back.

i am sorry for everything

i am sorry natasha i should have known please forgive me i don?t want to live this for you to be mad at me this can not go on this is not a joke and i will prove it to you natasha i am very sorry for everything hope this letter will make you feel better always john wilde

im sorry

i am sorry for cheating on you i promise i am i just want to put it past us i love you

let me know!

did you do somthing bad this week? please let me know.

Forgive me my daughter

My dear sweet Alison, Only the hardness in your heart seperates us more than the miles between us. I have no words, no acts I can do to gain back your confidence in me as a father and you have made a choice that your life would be better without me in it. All I want you to know is I did the best I could with an immature mind. I so much wanted to raise you differently than I was raised and I became the one man I din?t want to be ib your life…my father. I just want you to know as I grow older and more lonely without you in my life I am never to far to be a part of your life. dad

You?re forgiven

I forgive you for causing me the most intense emotional pain of my life. If that hadn?t happened, I wouldn?t know the joy I know today. Be blessed.


Please forgive me, Amy. I?m so sorry and I love you.

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