and I forgive

you for being mad at everyone which drove Caroline to my waiting arms

Sorry, Forgive Me

I?m sorry, i was jk. I don?t hate you your my best friend. And i don?t want you to tell him after all i want to get to know him better. Forgive me or i will die of meaness. (reply) Bye!!! Have a good Christmas!!! I hope we can play soon!!

I just want to be with you

I am truly sorry for the way I blew up today. I cannot fight these feelings anymore, I feel my life is on hold and I have no control. Please forgive my thoughtlessness toward you. I love you deeply, I am just in a bad place right now.

Forgive me

I lie to my family and friends and my partner. I am horrible with finances. I cheat. I want to be a better person but am afraid of what will happen if I were to admit to the things I have done. I pray that God will forgive me and help me to be the person I desperately want to be.


I am so sorry for doing it.

Sorry Robyn

I still luv ya, and want to get back tgethr soon Luv, you know who Teddybear


Dear Chris Hansen, sorry about those pics I sent you. I promise it was the first time I ever did anything that before. I hope you and the Florida state police can forgive me.

no reason too, but i hope you do

look, i know you have no reason to believe me, and i don?t blame you if you don?t but i?m sorry……for everything, and i hope that you can somehow forgive me, please. remember all the good times, all i?m asking is that maybe someday we can maybe be friends again……hopefully

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