Sorry Adam P

I am sorry for being a jerk. I took things over the top.

Dear AW

I sodomised your two younger brothers. Sorry


Dear AW, I pleasure myself to the image of your girlfriend. I want to stop but I can?t! Then I think about your cat jeremiah, and curse your at how much I want your life, cat, girl in red dress, remote control, and penis as large as a can of pepsi. – E

Please Forgive Me..I want to Improve

I masterbate and watch porn. I was sexually abused when I was 3 or 4. I became a lesbian with my cousin at the age of 9 and continued till I was 12. I used to play with my body parts until a few years ago, and still do sometimes when I watch pron. I also have a habit of lying, I lie about ho rich my family is, and how maky cars we own etc. I also lie about how I was such a great athelete in high school. I lie a lot more on a daily basis. I also manupulate people. I recently tried to confess to my ex boyfriend who is my friend, but it was really hard. I had told him that I had no other boyfriend before him, I had lied to him for 2 years , but I came clean of that, but could not cofess the rest. I know tomorrow he will be with some other woman so why should I tell him anything right? But should I? From today I want to stop eveything and want to be forgiven for my sins.

I failed

I am really sorry I didn?t go to your birthday party or even return your call and email. I just couldn?t handle it. but it was very wrong and I feel bad.

i hurt you me and us

please forgive me for my sin against our realationship. i have not treated you with the respect you deserve and i have made your hurt in such away that cuts deeper than any knife. please forgive me for all i have done. you are my life to hurt us you and me is unforgivable i know that but i ask that if you can find it in you heart to forgive me. i know it will take time and i know i don?t deserver you love but in time i hope we can come to the place we wan to be in life together

im sorry

im sorry i talked dirty to you yesterday.


You are forgiven honeybun. I won?t hold what you did against you. I love you.

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