im sorry

Hey im really really sorry bout what i did to u. I mean, u have to no that it was soooo hard for me to do what i did and i feel so bad cause i did actually make a BIG mistake. but i just want u to know that i love you and i hope that u can forgive me cause ur a great guy and fun to hang out with.

kill myself today, thanks

lord, forgive me. i will be before you for judgement in a few short moments. can i ask forgiveness for ending this hellish existance you?ve allowed for your faithful servant? i apologize, but this has to end now. see you soon.


I still feel horrible about the way i treated you and i need you forgiveness to be a better man and now more as a father.Jo i still very much love you and wish things could be different


I forgive you for a 5 month affair with my wife while I was deployed to the Middle East. I will not forget this- but I have tio start to forgive or I won?t be able to head back to the sand next week. I hate that you did this to me- but I have to begin to heal with my wife, so please stay away from her forever.

im sorry

for hurting you the love of my life

Perdoname Dios mio

Dios God solamente t kiero decir que me perdones yo se que esta mal lo k hize y que yo se qu no deberia de hacerlo ……… pero no entiendo por que lo hize …… siento mal….. muy mal…….. PERDONAME!!! dame fuerzas para ya no hacerlo … ayudame y librame de todo mal…… y no permites que caiga en los mismo…… dame fuerzas mi Dios….. Perdoname!!!

so sorry

sorry for what i did to u on the bus yesterday.

forgiving the things u do not understand

Love is accepting and forgiving the things you do not understand. Why did it take all of this pain to make me realize this simple sentence? I am so sorry for not understanding what I loved so much. I know now what I lost, I know now all I had and I know I will never fail you again my love. Please forgive me for everything I did and didn?t do that made you turn away from me.

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