to everyone

i?m sorry to all the people i?ve hurt over the years…i wonder if i?ve done more harm than good during my time on earth. i wish that my own suffering could make up for everything, but i know it can?t. i?m sorry…

forgive yourself

darling, love yourself. stop sabotaging your own life. please. i can?t watch you do this. let the pain out, don?t hold it in. find what you love again. love, yourself

I let go

I forgive all the people who have hurt me and I le t it go. i realize now that I have the choice to attract people who are good for me and realize my worth. I do this by an enormous sense of self worth for myself

Big mouth

For many years I have had hard feelings toward my sister-in-law. The other night it all came out. As a Christian I can say that it was wrong and disobedient to God. Many hurtful things were said that shouldn?t have been. Some words were so hurtful that I can?t see it ever being the same. I pray that God forgives me for my actions and I pray that God touches the hearts of those who I have hurt. I pray for my disobedient attitude and actions that I have showed in the past years.

I repent

Dear God, I repent for my sins and would to ask for your forgiveness, please take away all the sins I have in my heart and release my negative thoughts towards others. I love you God, and I know that you are listening, I thank you for everything.


sorry i cut your dog?s hair

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