I hurt him and i?m feeling giulty about it and i miss him. I hope he knows how much


Forgive me for I have become lost and am trying sincerely to find my way. amen


hey if your friend is sad then don?t be afraid to say you?re sorry and ask if you want to be friends again


I forgive you for loving me then rejecting me. I hope you can forgive me someday too. I will always love you despite the pain I am experiencing.

self forgiveness and love

Forgiveness to myself for all of the self destructive,self hatered, self center,self indulgence, self depreciating actions,behaviors,and thoughts. I now am starting to see and know the true power and beauty that I was created to be. I ask for forgiveness from all that I injured with these and other behaviors. And pray that the day will come for all to see the beauty and magnificence that is they.


I would to ask god for forgivness. a long time ago i have an affair with a married man and i still am problems dealing with it. i need gods forgivness and i am hoping that he has forgiven me

I love you

Please forgive me . I don?t want you to hurt. I want to be with you.

Forgive me, lady in the bank

We met in the bank several months ago. I was waiting in line, preoccupied with my thoughts. To the best of my recollection, it was a rainy winter day. Suddenly I noticed you, breaking into the front of the line. I lectured you with stinging cynicism and you, I now recall, responded defensively. I was also forced to defend myself, and I reacted sharply. I even called you a worn-out old biddy, and you?re a woman of around 50, about my mother?s age. Later on, when I thought about the whole situation, I couldn?t escape the comparison between you and my mother, and I felt as though I had insulted my mother. Last Friday, by met you what my workplace. I?m a student, you understand, who works at random jobs for my subsistence, and last Friday morning, when we happened to meet in the bakery in which I work, I went up to you and asked if I could help you, as I do with all the customers. You adamantly refused and claimed that you had already had enough help from me… At that moment, I couldn?t remember where I knew you from, especially when you emphasized that our acquaintanceship was not from the bakery, I apologized to you. You shook your head in refusal and said that you hoped that God would forgive me. I told you that people who don?t know how to forgive, even God won?t forgive them. I forgive you and, with complete sincerity, I also want to express deep regret for hurting you, and even though you could not find it in your heart to forgive me, I will try again and request your forgiveness. Please forgive me…

forgive me

Peter asked Jesus how many times do i forgive my brother, 7 times said, 77 times

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