I have been haughty, arrogant, judgemental, and unloving.

Past sins

God, Please forgive me for relations with my husband brothers – he doesn?t know, and I just look into his eyes and I can?t bare the thought of losing him. I need your forgiveness.


I have been unfaithful, angry, cheated with both men & women.. please forgive me


Dear Lord, I pray that You will forgive me for what I have done, Lord, please give me one more chance. I don?t want my family and my boyfriend to worry about me anymore. Lord, I promise I will turn over a new leaf. Lord, please help me. I know what I have done is wrong, I will not make the same mistake again. Please give me this chance. Please give me the strength to be save more money and work hard, so that my mum and dad can have a good life. I want to see the happiness on their faces too. Lord, it has been a long time, since I saw them not worrying about me. I don?t want to see my mum sad again because of me. I shouldn;t have lied. Lord, Please help me to get thru with this ordeal. I don?t want to make my mum or dad sad about me again. Lord, I am sorry. Thank you, Lord Jesus. I pray all these in Jesus?s name, Amen.

forgive me

I really sorry for my fault that was committed please forgive me

forgive so that i can have a good life

Good i am only 15. i hate the thing i do that are wrong. i want it to stop so that i can have a wonderful life. so god im asking you to forgive my sins.


dear god . i know that i have done alot of things wrong in my life alot are bad and some i jus really didnt know what i was doing i need strenght in my life. only yu know how sorry i am i have now realised that i am a sinner and i had disgraced you i no longer want to be apart of statan i want to be a follower of the lord jesus christ and believe that he will lead me to a happeir non sinning life . i am askin for forgivness


Dear Ines, First thing tat i really wanted to confess is about tat messages tat night i had mistakenly sent u tat in de night as i had send it to all in de contact list n in morning when u asked who am i ? and remaining questing , tat wasn?t replied my me as i had given it to someone n tat was de one who replied all those sms …. later on in de evening i came to know all about when i read it i really wanted to tell u everything but tat time i really didn?t have tat much courage to to explain u about it or reply u thought i would do it later…..but never got a chance as exams came in between n dint wanted u to disturb u in ur studies i am Second thing i really dint create tat id on orkut , i myself got a friend request form tat id n wen u told tat ur using a another id i thought u have again forgotten ur password …when u told me to put some thing new in nes community tat time too i told u tat on ur name der r 2 ids report abuse to them but u took it lightly or dint listen to me …..n when u saw it by urself u blamed me u can still report them abuse …… thank you for listening

Please forgive.

??how could I be so stupid as to be in love with someone who could forget something as stupid as vatines day???

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