i am guilty

ohh ma lord i noe wat i have done n i admit ma mistake and learn a lesson from it i just wish u to forgive me takin this as ma last mistake….god i am really very guilty …..plzzzz nuthin much happpens i noe that u noe every thing coz nuthin is hid from u …..plzzzz forgive me


I want to take this time to say sorry,for the hurt i caused you,i no i hurt you,and i have leart to learn the hard way,by losing you,and i hope i will get the chance to win you back x

Forgive me

Dear God Pls forgive my anger towards my parents.Help me to conquer this rage. Your daughter Devi


im a teenager. most days when i go out with friend i get drunk. i smoke aswell… this has been hapening for roughly to years now. i have been arrested twice and put in a cell. i have had 2 jlo?s and any thing else i have a record. i have k.o. pty of times to the point where i was koed up for about 5hours. my friends are sick of it and i have managed to hurt my parents pty of time. pity when the time i decide to change is the time theres no chances….

I?m Sorry

It may be petty to do it this way but it?s the only way I can find the courage to do it. I?m sorry and I forgive you. I know it?s long overdue but nonetheless needed. I ask only that you?d find it your heart to forgive me. I?ve held resentment against you and ask forgivess for it.


I?m sorry and I forgive you. I ask only that you find it in your heart to forgive me.

I Forgive you

Cathy I forgive you unconditionally. I miss you a lot and would love to start over, a new beginning. Call me, lets talk

I forgive You

I forgive you for all that I put you through and for all the hurt and anguish that I gave you. I understand what you were going through, I forgive and love you unconditionally, and now I am on your side and will help you 100 to turn things around.


sorry please forgive me


I truly ask for forgiveness for not being forthcoming and anything that i did to hurt you. I want to wipe the slate clean. Please forgive me. I am sorry for my part in any harm that you may have experienced

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