I forgive you

CRF, I forgive you with all my heart and soul. You really hurt me by the things you said and did to me, but I have moved past this, forgiven you in my heart, and still love you a lot. I miss you. Let?s talk, OK? Please. Give me a chance. I may not have been your first choice, but I will work hard to make sure I am your best choice.

tainted purity is not purity

God? I have been failing misserably at following your examples. I am trying to do this whole ??life?? thing on my own. Please forgive me for destroying my purity.


This morning I forgot to pray. How much it costs to get forgiveness?

i really need you to intervine

i know i was wrong, i knew the moment i left her house; call what we did an act of derpession, its been two weeks of uncertainty, i doubt i can bare it any longer. suicidal tendencies have raced through my mind, i feel its the only escape but i fear an enterinty if hell is far more agonizing than the 18yrs of humilation, poverty, embarassement. i beg she not bear my child, for mine, along with hers but ultimately the childs life would be ruined. im not ready nor am i capable of bein an adequate father; i beg you intervine and she not give birth. amen. *crosses self*


I captured 70 squirrels. Then I took each one across the street (8-lane highway) and released them. I did this because they were eating plants in my garden and I was mad at all squirrels. Of course this did not solve the squirrel problem, and it displaced 70 squirrels to being homeless and defenseless in a unknown territory. Now I keep a water fountain, and corn snacks, and feed the new squirrels, they don?t eat my plants, and we all get along. I ask forgiveness for needessly removing 70 squirrels from their accustomed home to being homeless and defenseless.

Thank you

You broke my heart over and over for months. I loved you and you played me. I can?t talk to you anymore because my heart can?t take more battering. I still can?t believe you would ever do something that, would ever say something that. I have a callous and a scar for you still on my heart, and a one way ticket away from here. But I must thank you for ruining my innocence, because you can?t lose the same thing twice, and some things just weigh you down. My heart is never leaving its cell again, not even with a thousand keys and a beautiful smile.

I am sorry………..


Love Lost

We could have been eternal, if only we could have seen past the world. I love you, Andrea. Take care of yourself.


im sorry i broke your heart michael


Hice abortar a mi ex enamorada 2 veces, yo tenia 18, tuve mucho miedo y no sabia que hacer, no hay dia en que no me arrepienta. Please forgive me God.

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