Confession is good for the soul.

I accuse myself of the following sins, cursing, anger, spending too much money on stupid things i dont need. Arguing with my husband, my son and I do not talk anymore he has rejected me and his father and going to church. I ask forgiveness of the offenses i had with my aunt and i tried to clear them with her but she rejected me and would not talk to me. I have a bad temper and want to be a better person. Please Jesus forgive me, i want to amend my life and be a better person. Amen

forgive me

Noopi, i cant stop loving u…please forgive me…feels i?ll die without u…

Sorry. . .

Sorry, will you forgive me, I will buy you a coffee:P

Please Forgive

Please God, Forgive me my sins, especially my lies to my husband who is now with you, & my son who I gave away his organs without his permission, which I truly regret & I pray he is with his Father in heaven. Please forgive me for when I got angry with Paris when he was dying, I ask this in your name & I am truly sorry. Thankyou


I?m not sue if this is a sin or not,but I to listen to the Beatles,especially John Lennon. If this is a sin,please let me know so I can stop it. If not, hopefully Jesus forgave John and let him in for he had good intentions. Thank You,Joey.

You?re A Victim of The Offshore Phantom

No woman deserves to be treated the way you and so many others have been by this man. I?m sorry for you and all the others. Please forgive him, pray for him and let it go. He?s confused and disturbed. Leave him alone and just move on. He is not the one for you.

Breaking third commandment in fourth gra

When I was in fourth grade,I think, we were in art class when the subject of religion came up. At first, I expressed my Christian views,that is,until my crush said she was an Atheist.Not knowing what else to say, I told everyone anyone who believed in god was a hopeless loser. I also continued to curse god for my misfourtune. Of course I would now do anything to take it back so I am asking for your forgiveness. Thank you,lord. Amen.


At fifth grade camp,I masturbated and continue to do so almost daily. I even try to suck myself off occaisionally. I know that it is wrong and I need gods forgiveness.Thank you Lord,Amen.

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