I forgive myself

….for every time I forgot to look within and seek my quiet still voice of knowing, asking it of others instead ….for every time I ignored my pain, my sorrow, my grief, my fear, and acted to ease others? pain, sorrow, grief and fear. Ignoring my own. ….for every time I disown my beauty, my shining miracle of connection to all of creation. ….for every time I ignored the voice of my little one inside, still looking for love,still needing protection, still crying alone in the night. I forgive myself.


i?M sory diana, I din?t mean to do ti. I now I was rong, but PHHUULEASE phorgive me!

You Broke Me

… but I healed. You took advantage of a 5 year old girl. Touched her in ways no little girl should ever have to be touched and said things to her that a little girl should never hear. It ruined me against men for a very long time. It took some serious inner meditation and time before I could even begin to acknowledge it happend. But because of the love of friends and love of self, I have been able to move on and heal. I forgive you. I hope you have forgiven yourself.


Diana, I?m so sorry for everything but, I swear it wasn?t me who keyed your car, stole your appartment keys, and burned your homework assignments you already completed! I would never do that! Phhhhulllease forgive me!

i am sorry

I am sorry I talked about you in a negative way. you were just a little boy and didnt? deserve my negativity regarding your hitting my kids. I should have spoken to your mother about your behaviors rather than putting that negative energy about you into the world. You all children are always trying to do your best.

Sorry Mother

I have not talked to you in 18 years. I hope you are well and I hope you know that I am happy.

for leaving me as a child

I forgive you. It made me who I am today and that is a good thing. I appreciate your journey didn?t allow you to be with me or to even know about my life.

forgiven long ago

i just want you to know that i have forgiven you long ago, and i?m trying to get other people to forgive you as well. it will happen in their own time at their own peace

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