Sorry it?s good enough


i forgive my mother for not loving me. I realize that her own suffering was too severe while I was being developed in her womb. Her bitterness has blinded her and therefore, not really seeing the beauty in me and my sister. I glorify you God. I ask to be forgiven by you. Dear God, I am just my mother in so many ways. I detest myself sometimes for them.. Help me to grow in wisdom.

Forrive me from the Heart and soul

I?ve have a lot of emotionally foolish mistakes lately, but your Love and friendship mean a lot to me. I?m sorry for all the misunderstandings and for all the mistakes I?ve made. I am so sorry and regret all the emotional dramatics that I have done. I realize more than ever I want you in and apart of my life forever!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU


Please, Lord, forgive me for aborting my innocent child. I know it would have been the light of my life, and it?s what you wanted. I pray that I will find my strength again and regain your trust. Please take care of my little one. I will always love them.

your hat

sorry I stole your hat in college. I truly didn?t mean to and then somehow got caught up in a horrible lie that wouldn?t stop.

I?m trying to forgive and move on

You are so important to me, I fell for you so hard, and I cared so, SO, much. Yet you decided you wanted to choose her, and not me. And now it seems you?re trying so hard to act you don?t feel anything for me anymore. But you shouldn?t have to try so hard, and I know that you?re somehow just too afraid to let this be. You didn?t even tell me that you?re sorry, and it feels nothing is resolved. But, I know how I feel about you and I forgive you for hurting me. I just wish you?d realize how wrong this all is.

I Forgive the World.

I Forgive the World and The System That Has Left Me Bloody And Bruised That World That Has Been In My Way I Will Never Be Happy With The Conditions That It Forces Upon Me But I Will No Longer Crucify Myself On A Cross Of Hate.

Broken Heart

I am so sorry that I hurt you. You know I care for you, but I cannot care for you in that way. There is no way I can heal the wound, make up for what I have done, but I am sorry. (he he, this webiste is funny!)

i hope you still wanna be my friend

sierra………..i really hope you are still my friend….i have been thinking about how much of a jerk i was to you…and i am really truly sorry


I forgive you. I will never forget, but I forgive you. You weren?t there when I needed you, but it?s ok. You were never supposed to be in my life and I never should have let it go as far as it did. I will never regret you.

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