The Car Accident

Dear David, It?s been 10 years this December 9th since you rear ended me while you had been drinking. I have to admit to you that through all the pain and suffering I have gone through since that night, I have hated you. But, here I am, almost 10 years later…hating you doesn?t bring back my Sign Language Interpreting career that was lost to my shoulder injury and subsequent surgery. My anger and hate doesn?t temper the head exploding migraines that still come sometimes twice a week because of permanent nerve damage and bleeding on my brain from that night?s demise. No…my anger and hate hasn?t made it better it has made the suffering worse actually. Sometimes I have wondered about you…how you have fared in all this. In my journey through life since that night I have lived alot of life and alot of pain. However, Christ has come into my life and begun to shed His light and show me the need of forgiveness. David, I forgive you for rear-ending me 10 years ago and I also forgive you for all the resulting suffering and pain. I wish and hope all the best for you.

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