Forgive me, nice old man

Forgive me for stealing from the store and taking advantage of your kindheartedness. I knew that you caught me and didn?t feel comfortable firing me. That shows me what a kindhearted person you are.

Forgive me for lying

Forgive me for lying and saying that I was sick when I really wasn?t. I had to get away for a while because of all the pressure and I knew you wouldn?t give me a day off.

not being supportive

Forgive me for not being supportive when you got fired. Forgive me for not being supportive when times were rough. It?s true that you weren?t fired because of me but I wasn?t there for you. You got me the job and you got fired first despite the fact that you were good. Forgive me and good luck.

I?m sorry

..for forgetting to call you ??Dr?? sometimes. I know you worked hard to get that degree…


Forgive me, all the journalists and employees I am asking all the journalists and employees that I have hurt, disregarded, and treated with scorn all year long to forgive me.


Loyal employees, forgive me for all the promises that I made despite the fact that I know I can?t keep them. I love and appreciate you. I hope that this year will be better.

Forgive me mary

Orit and I were best friends until mary got a promotion. I couldn?t accept the fact that she would be my manager from that day on. I did all I could to make her life miserable, I said bad things about her behind her back and I hid papers that were on her desk. I harassed her on the phone and did lots of other things. Orit, I am using this forum to ask you to forgive me for all the suffering that I caused. I want us to be friends again. I love you and I miss you. Forgive me.

Forgive me, shoppers

Forgive me, shoppers at the store All the people that I sold expensive and not very high quality goods to, forgive me. I?m just a salaried employee and not the owner, and I am paid a salary based on commissions. So forgive me, it?s not my fault that money talks, all I want is to have the money to graduate from college.

peeking at the document

Forgive me for going into your office and peeking at the document that you were supposed to present to us. Forgive me for stealing your ideas and getting all the glory. I thought that I would get over it, because I really needed a promotion and money. But my conscience won?t leave me alone. Forgive me

I?m sorry for not listening

I?m sorry for not listening to the things that you sad. I?m sorry that we were forced to shut down the business because I thought that I was right What?s done cannot be undone but it?s always a good idea to look ahead Life is usually unfair But sometimes we do win It?s important to remember that

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