I’m sorry from the depths of my heart

God, please forgive me, I’m sorry from the depths of my heart for things I’ve done I promise it will not come back again!

I am very, very, very, very sorry
I wish I could turn back the clock.
I very much regret and agonize every day about the terrible thing and about other things.
I really want to open a new page in my life and not repeat the mistakes I made again.
I do not want anything bad to happen. I always try to be a good person
I’m not bad for people I just love to help,
But sometimes it’s right to do nonsense.

I sincerely hope from the depths of my heart and soul that you will forgive me. I have no other way to ask for your forgiveness.
Hope everything works out
I love you so much Holy One, Blessed is He!
And whatever I have vowed I will.
love a lot!!!!!!!

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