I’m sorry to have known you so early in my life

I’m sorry to have known you so early in my life that I was still a stupid girl with many fears I brought home.
I had to understand what is love and stop thinking so much.
I know that if I wasn’t afraid of the future I would flow with you and it was a simple and true love story.
It’s all my fault. How did I not appreciate it?
How so fast I gave up?
How much did I demand?

I had everything, when I remembered it we had a good time when I forgot, and when I was busy with nonsense, the problems began.
I apologize from the bottom of my heart for every little pain and suffering and for every minute of bad feeling I caused to your dear heart.
Every time I understood that this good thing (you) I might lose I convinced you to another Chan’s and again I forgot and I was wrong again.

I know that it’s hard for you to see what I am today and I understand it, you suffered a lot from me and I, too, would have been reluctant to approach the cause of suffering that is actually me.
I am sorry for the evil nature that I have to hold you because I am so aware of my loss of being without you.
Sorry that the little girl who lived inside me still believes that true love is forever.