romise I would not do it again

lord I confess my sin to you because I lied to my parents that I am going to school but I am not I just go to a computer shop to play games. And I am sorry that I lied to my teacher to please forgive and please give me another chance to change please. And please lord don?t make my teacher come to my house please.And I promise I would not do it again

nd happiness in their country.

Dear god, I wish you could let me and lorenzo together. I wish to get the job i had applied and i am sure you have got 3rd wish in my note i wrote in the wailing wall. I hope there will be peace between Palestine and Israel. I wish ukraine and russia have peace and I wish syrian people have peace and happiness in their country.

nship. Thanks & Regards Chetna

I want my family. I want to get married soon. Please bless me with the loving and caring relationship. Thanks & Regards Chetna

ace. In your name I pray. Amen

Dear God, I pray for peace in Israel and the rest of the world. I pray my children and grandchildren can live in a world of peace. In your name I pray. Amen

time please lord. Love me too

Dear God, I believe in you. You are the only person who can pass me in my exam this time. Results are near. Im so much tensed , only you know my pain. Pls change my life too. Please pass me in this exam this time please lord. Love me too

izard please amen Peter Justin

Heavenly Father I have this wizard wand it ever have magic powers. I want to be a wizard. Can you please make me a wizard pretty please I want to be wizard please amen Peter Justin

s please help me god ??bless??

dear god! you know what my urge is only you can help me God im begging you with all my heart for you just to help me everyday with your help god would be great so i can achieve goals please help me god ??bless??

t I will miss her loads xxxxxx

Hi god can u look after my man bul tonight please because the nurses at Rotherham hospital or going to mess about with her body when she can come back in wath and just let my nan rest in peace when she?s ready to come to heaven but maybe one day won?t she but if u do take her tell her that she will be in my heart all the time and tell her that I will miss her loads xxxxxx

everything we have ever wanted

God please bless my 2 daughters with a happy healthy long life Help me and my husband take excelt care of our daughters and give them the best in their lives and make them good human beings Help me and my husband also live a happy healthy long life together with our daughters and our great great grand kids Help us have a peaceful, content, disease free and happy life Be with us always and bless us Help us have enough money so we can live in luxury Help us get our green cards this year in 2014 so we can live in USA forever Help me and my husband to have lot of love between us and our kids Help my daughters live happily for at least another 100 years Help us be successful in our career and family lives Help us achieve everything we have ever wanted