has to end. I Love you. Keith

Hi Father, just wanted to thank you for everything I have in my life, cause if it was?nt for you I would not have anything…Praise God!!!. I just want to ask you to forgive me for the sins that I keep doing over and over again, I am sorry I?m so weak and I pray for strength. Father, please have Jesus move his time table up so we can have him here sooner…we need him here now…this world sucks and it keeps getting worse everyday. To much pain in the world, to many things to get mad at because there is just to much stupidity, greed and lust for power and money. There is so much going on that know one can keep up with it, to many problems to address. We have been to complacent and I feel things are beyond our reach to try and repair the problems. People don?t realize that life here on earth is only a small bit of time, a chance to show you who we are, who we can become and where we want to be when it?s time to be judged for our decisions and our choices. Eternity is a long time and Hell is worse than anything we can imagine by a 100 fold or better. Hell was made for demons, not for man and we don?t want to even smell that place, let alone go there. So my prayer to you is…Please forgive us for falling short of your glory, for being so childish, proud and selfish. Father, we were meant to be with you, so I ask you to come here and rule over us, love us, show your abundant mercy and let us all proclaim that you are God and Jesus is Lord!!!. And when it?s time to kick satans butt for all the terrible crap he?s done to us all, please let me be right up there with Micheal and Gabrial, sword in hand and power from you to exact punishment on the evil ones that have caused so much pain and suffering, I have some anger in me that needs to be let loose on those demons. I know your a loving and forgiving God, but I hate satan and his demons and I wish to send them back to Hell…permanently!!!. I stand by you Father and Jesus. So please get here quickly, this has to end. I Love you. Keith

eir heart.In Jesus?s name,amen

Hi God my family love you so much in the world and please for give us what we have done.And bless you for the things you have given us in the world and thankyou for being with us in the bad times. And the people in my church love you and they love to bless you with all there heart and my family and I love you too.And please take care of my family all the time if you can.And please take care of Jimmy,Moinca,my Mommy,my Daddy,me,Danil,my cusin my aunt,my two uncles,and every body that love you,and Bless you,all their heart.In Jesus?s name,amen

ys has reasons for everything.

Hi god its me the chozen one, i really think that you rock and your awesome and im so glade that you gave me this gift! i love to hang out in heven with everyone includeing greg and jake and all of the new angles that may someday gard me also. everyone put up a strong fight but i know that its not quite over yet, i know that this may be hard to ask, but to speed things up a little bit faster with the whole phychic stuff, could you please exit my sole out of my body before im 28 as planed??? i know its not in nuberology but could you please try for me because i have gotten so far with the helping and the poofing. so please could you change some stuff and please make me exit and then come back so i can have the powers that i was supposed to be given at the age of 28 and thank you for giving me such awesome kids even know there not here yet. and a great husband and life and i couldent ask for a better gift that you gave me. i love you god and always remember that i will always help you and obey you and im really sorry for my attitude and stubberness. thnk you for the beauty that you have gaven me even thow i might not see it all the time,please god let me go early! i love you so mutch and all of my angles includeing any futre ones!!! xoxo jenny :} ps if not i uderstand, god always has reasons for everything.

t give me a sign and ill know.

dear god, i know i did wrong in the past but i want to take that past me please take my forgivness.i pray for you every night just give me a sign and ill know.

and communicate our feelings.

Thank you for all that you?ve given to me… I am sorry that I am not more expressive about my appreciation. Since I last wrote things have improved dramatically so am sorry to ask more from you. I would just to ask that my original requests which have come to their appropriate fruition remain protected and continue on their successful path in your light and with your guidance. Sadly the only part of my requests that seemed to have failed (at least in my eyes) is that my heart is broken. I fear that this is my true love but that we are not meant to be together for the time being – it makes me very sad every day so please heal my heart, mind and soul – and help me move on quickly until we are meant to be together OR I am sad to be suffering and dwelling on things that I do not understand. Please help me find someone to love for the time being until I can be with my true love, The One. Please help Rob be faithful; please help Chuck heal and find a job; please help Tracy get into her Derm program; please help Matt find a job he can grow and be successful in; please help me get a promotion and a raise and guide me to save the industry; please help the Solomon family and the Danziger family heal and not to suffer; please help Lisa find what she is looking for. Please protect my loved ones and me and guide us to be wise, loving compassionate, to control our emotions, and to effectively recognize and communicate our feelings.

ill see you soon in JESUS name

JESUS, want to thank you for my wonderful family my two babys that you sent to me from heaven my husband who i cant live a day without … you have always blessed me and watched out for me because i?m one of your children . even though i have stumbled from time to time and we all have . you are a forgiving GOD thank you for another day and another chance to praise you and to talk to you … i know i don?t need to write you this letter your always listening . i pray that you keep me on the straight and narrow path i can?t make it to heaven on my own ….today in church the message was to choose life !!! and just the book i just finished 23 minutes in hell …theres no life in hell only darkness and death not even one of water . water is life i today choose life … my eternal salvation is life with you in heaven . thank you lord for your kindness and everlasting love for me i will see you soon in JESUS name

to live with failure everyday.

I?m Tired and Confused But most of all I Know I am Forgiven. Even though I don?t deserve it. But What I would to know is WHY???? I still am alive? ?Why I can?t overcome. Why do I Choose death? Why hasnt God REdeamed Me.or Why do I keep doing wrong? Why cant I do right? am I that selfish am I that uncaring! and If I am Why doesnt God just fix me or kill me forever. So I don?t have to live with failure everyday.

take me home with you. thanks.

dear god, i cant take it anymore. Pls take me away with you. I desired and i knocked but im aware its not meant to be. I ve caused more trouble than joys to anyone, this at least should not continue. Please take me home with you. thanks.