ily as we wait for her return.

Dear God, Please heal my younger sister Steph. She is an amazing young woman and has so much to give to this world. She is truely a beautiful person and I thank You for the times I have spent with her. I (as well as my brothers and sisters) want to get to know her better and as a friend after you awaken her from the coma. She is the baby of our family and we need her to come back to us. Our family has been suffering for too long and we NEED to heal. She will help us all overcome our differences and put a smile on Your face as well as the face of all of us. This experience has been horrible for me and I also want to ask You to forgive me for acting I have been. Please be with me and the rest of our family as we wait for her return.

on, my Lord Jesus? name, Amen.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for my government here in America, that you will use it to finally, heal the moral decay that has plagued our country for many years now. I pray for the governments of he world, that they may make the right decisions. I thank you for protecting me and always being with me wherever I go. Thank you God that I can and do trust in you and that when I am weak, you strengthen me with your Holy Word. Thank you God that I can always rely on your Holy Spirit to give me wisdom when I need it! Thank you that I don?t have to fear death and that I will be happy for I know where I will go! Thank you that you are my God and that you gave up your one and only son Jesus Christ die on the cross for us so that we may have eternal life! I pray that you will forgive me of my sins and for disobeying you and thank you for your forgiveness! I pray Father that even in these hard times, that I stay faithful and will always have trust in you! I pray for my family, that we will stop arguing about problems and that we will instead, pray and fast so that we may receive you! I pray that whatever happens, we will be content with that and that we will accept it. I pray for the peace of Israel, that you may bless it wonderfully and that the nations of the world that do bless Israel will be blessed by you! I pray Father for the unsaved, that they may know that you are there andare waiting for them on the other side! I pray that your persecuted will always know that you are still there and that they may know that if they die in Christ, that they will receive great rewards in your Kingdom of Heaven! I pray for those who are sick or dying, that you may put your healing touch on them, but if you plan to bring them back home to you, I pray that they will know you and if they already do, that they will remain faithful until the end! I pray for the protection of your people, that they, and including me, will be shining lights of the world and will be encouraged to spread the gospel! I pray that we will always be reminded to do all things through Christ who strengthens us. So if we have sinned, I pray that we will feel guilt and confess it to you. I pray that we will be strong and courageous even in the midst of trouble, sadness, and fear. I pray that you will bring a great revival in the countries of the world and that countries already with great revival will be blessed by you and will bless others. I pray all of this, the prayers in my heart, and the prayers of your people in your son, my Lord Jesus? name, Amen.

eyes to the truth about Bunny.

Please God—give me peace of mind. Please mend my broken heart. Please let all the lies surface. Please help Jerry be faithful to his wife. Please open his eyes to the truth about Bunny.

plese keep my familey safe bye

hi god my nane is teresa sayegh I love you I go to church every sunday and the sayeghs love you to my sister is in soyo thenk you for making me and my familey plese keep my familey safe bye

m safe and happy too Thank You

Dear God, Please give me the strength to deal with everything that is going on in my life. I pray that my house sells and that things will work out for the best. Amen PS… Also please watch over Steve make him safe and happy too Thank You

you Lord for you alone is GOD

lord please heal my body and increase my day up on the earthfor give we your people of this world everyone that lives our sins have mercy on us in Jesus name we love you Lord for you alone is GOD

Hendrick Salomon ??Thank You??

Dear God, Please give me strength,energy,health to deal with everything that is going wrong in my life. People hate me for no reason. Please help me hit the lottery. Please make me dream the winning number. I really need the money to help my son finish school. Love Hendrick Salomon ??Thank You??