?They know not what they do?.

Yo,god please forgive these people who profit of a false website exploiting false belivers. As JC once said ?They know not what they do?.

st of my family and loved ones

need a prayer that my health returns to normal that my mother has nothing wrong with her and if theres anyway you can help my grandma and my uncle recover and get rid of there cancer and nothin happens to the rest of my family and loved ones

rehend.I Thank-You ,I love You

Dear God:Thank-you for your gifts and blessings and even today in my darkest hours to find this outlet,here where Ive had the humbling oppurtunity to read these many prayers of such honest & pure souls I thank-you and ask that as I a nobody ,could be so moved by this experience I pray for those who have prayed here and add my prayer to theirs that each one is comforted knowing that somebody else (a nobody,by human standards)prays for them and their needs .That each prayer written here is registered before you and that we can all come together as thy children giving thanks for the gift of your Son .I thank-you for the New Apostolic Church which has brought me to humbly know you,My Father,My dearest loved one and my God.Please shorten the time and send your Son .I love you,please accept my thanks ,forgive my shortcomings & sin and let me know you more every moment I live.Let the power and fulfilment of the prayers encompass all who earnestly have prayed .You know our every need and into your hands to I commend myself knowing you have only thoughts of love & peace towards thy children.May we touch your heart that out of this love your inspired to Bless us beyond what we can comprehend.I Thank-You ,I love You

e help my thoughts. (you know)

Dear God, You and I both know life hasn?t been easy. I have done things I know I could never forget. Things I could never fully forgive myself for. With that said, I hope that you see me for what I really am, and not what most would think I am. I honestly think that you see inside me, you see the reasons, whether right or wrong. You see that inside me, I seen no other choice. I do think that you know the difference between a man that steals to feed his family, and a man that steals for greed. The law don?t, but you do. I believe that. As life goes on for me, I see more and more. This world is hell. I don?t understand how you could let things get this way. Look at how messed up this place is. It makes me sick, every time I turn on the news its about another missing person or murder. I?ve got issues. I am tired of this place. I am tired of seeing rich people get richer, and poor people get poorer. What ever happened to being equal?? God, I have a part of me that is ready to snap. I honestly think I have two sides to myself, a good, and a bad. I am very worried about the bad side. I have got all these thoughts of anger and resentment. I feel I have ruined my life, despite how good it does get at times, I still find it very hard to be happy. I know things could get worse, and the more I complain the more I fear you will show me, yet again, that it could be worst…..But I have to let you know how I feel. I have heard that you don?t put more on us than we can handle. You must think I am really strong. That makes me think you have something more planned for me, I just hope I find it before I lose it forever. I feel close. I think I am going to do something stupid. This world needs to know how messed up it is. People need to pay. I bet that if that guy that murders someone knew he would be next, maybe he?d change his mind!!! Maybe the guy that molest a child should be tortured to death publicly and send a message to the others that contemplate it! Maybe the rich should give a little to the poor! If they have 10 million dollars, how much could a blanket hurt????? Why does the media only report depression? Will their ratings really because they reported something good today??? The media reaches so many people, yet they do nothing to change the world!!!! I am sorry for my anger. I wish I would have seen life from a different angle but I truly think I see it for what it is becoming. I have waisted my life trying to find the easy way out, surrounded by environments that left me two choices, Bad or Worst. I think if I was with you, I would never have made some of the choices I have made. Please forgive me. I hope you can see inside me. I hope you can feel what I feel. I hope you understand. I love you and hope to see you soon! In the meantime, please deal me some pocket aces, give me the one shot I got left to do something I love, something I think I am good at, and something I think could change my life, and in return change others! I do want to change the world. But it?s impossible to do without a resource. Please help me. Yours truly, Lloyd p.s. Please help my thoughts. (you know)

!! with love, Zachariah Foster

dear God, Why is the sky blue? why is it that i am poor? you have some answers i want and if i don?t get them i?m going up ??there?? to get them. I will start a holy war upon thee, and thy shall know MY WRATH!!!!! with love, Zachariah Foster

op what he is doing. Thank you

dear, god my saver, forgiver and father i ask for your forgivness for all the sins that i have put on myself. Please let my family be safe, healthy and happy. I want my mom, dad, uncles, aunts, my brother, grandmother and cousins to be happy, healthy and safe. God please I?m begging for your forgiveness for all my sins and the one I will commit. I?m only doing it to save my heart from the pain, for so many years god i have been blind and lost in my dreams that one day i can be fixed and live a happy life. But finally i see that it would never be. god i am sorry but my heart cant take it no more, im tired of crying myself to sleep everynight. Please god tell me am i going to be fixed? that its unnoticeable unless you look closely? I have try but i cant do it anymore, please tell me in my dreams, let me know why i am here. and can you please take the pain away yourself by stopping my heart if i can?t be fixed. for all those kids me out there please help them, people that have it all can be mean, and for the ones that go hunger to bed let them eat. God if it come to be that i have to end my pain please open your doors for me and let me in. one more thing please help Alex let him see what he is doing is not right and cure him god please. let him come back and stop what he is doing. Thank you

m tired of seeing you cry…..

Father, you know what is keeping me from an intimate relationship with you, I ask from the bottom of my heart that you purge all that is not of you from me so i may bew the vessel you have called me to be…..I am tired of seeing you cry…..

es. I need to get out of this.

Dear God, I was doing my mission for you; and was doing fine, however, I allowed someone to come into my life, I have sinned and have fal shorr. This person claimes to be a minister, we sinned committing adultry. I found out that he was still married and was not divorced, however he was separated from his wife. He was trying to start a Church, I feel that he was a demon in disquise, pulling me away from my church and my mission. I had worked 5-6 days per week volunteering for a ministry at the Church and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I feel miserable, I have joined his church, quit going to my own church, not doing my mission work anymore. I need help. I do not want to marry this guy. I realize now that it never lined up with the scriptures. I need to get out of this.