go out to you. Frankie Canady

My brother, even though you were given the cross to bear that may seem too much to handle, keep the faith. For he knows what he does- believe me. Your work is just beginning. Though the road may seem hard, rejoice in the knowledge that our father has hand picked you to witness for him and all his glory. There is a war going on-the battle between good and evil-and you are a soldier my brother. Rejoice in the spirit and you will find the strength to carry on. In our fathers house are many mansions and you are reserved a place at his table. Go forward, carry on for you have now found the path(destiny) to bring those around you into the fold. Many many blessings and well wishes go out to you. Frankie Canady

beautiful. Thanks for heaven.

I love you Lord, Thanks for Jesus. I?m so glad you smile upon me day to day I?ll never understand your love completely on earth, but I know in heaven I will be basked in it. You teach me so much, and though I hate the discipline I am quite thankful for it. Please have mercy on my family and open up their eyes and their hearts so they may know you as well. I pray that everyone who hurts will one day accept you and allow you to save them and let your love and blessing pour on them even more. Thanks for everything. and for never telling me to shut up. Thank you for our endless conversations. You care so much about me that it?s amazing. thank you for the sunrise and the beautiful sunsets. Esp. the one tonight. I saw that smile on that one rock the other day driving down the mountain. It made me realize that if you can put a smile on the rock I should ease up. You are so beautiful. Thanks for heaven.

r arms. Take Me In. Love, Beth

Dear God, Forgive me for my sins. I know i?ve been gone for so so long, and I?m so very sorry. Last night showed me that You really are there for me. I did not deserve their forgiveness…and I CERTAINLY don?t deserve Yours. Yet, Lord, here I am, needing you. I?m sorry, so so so sorry for all I?ve done. Thank You for sending Your Son in my place. Jesus, thank You for taking my place. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me out. God I am so alone here right now. I have been so lonley for so long. Jesus, please save me. Let me know what you think of me…am I as worthless as i feel? Am I really Yours? Can You make me happy again? Please do…if you will. I love You, and am longing to feel that peace I once had with you. Please, Jesus, bring me back to your arms. Take Me In. Love, Beth

. Your loving child, Jeannette

Dear God: I have sinned and fal short. I have succombed to sins in a fal world; but, I know that through your Son, Jesus…I am forgiven. Remember me, God, as I continue to try to be the person You would have me to be. Wrap your arms around my loved ones who are now with you. Continue to hold me close to your heart. Thank you for my life. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for sending your Son so that someday I may stand there in Heaven near you. I am unworthy and unclean. Thank you for making me worthy and clean. I love you. Grant me wisdom to grow, and learn until I am with You. Your loving child, Jeannette

aughter. In Jesus Name, Amen!!

Dear Dad, I pray for my sister Sandra. Please heal her of breast cancer. she is too young to take home yet. You brought Lazerous back to life, you healed the blind, you made the lame to walk. Please heal her. My mom Lord, she is on her death bed, please take her home, so she isn?t suffering any longer. I need to find a place to live also, please find me a home to go to. Help me with my finances. My daughter Ann Lord, needs you so bad. Please put a good christian person in her path. Please save her, and my grandson and grand daughter. In Jesus Name, Amen!!

k for help in Jesus name. Amen

Ok Lord, where have you been? I have lost almost everything. What has not been taken by the banks has been sold to say afloat. I cannot find work, but I am two years too young to get social security. My home is up for sale. I am eating soup and crackers because I can afford nothing else. I have said some things to you I regret. I have asked for your forgiveness., but I am losing faith. My family and I need help and we need it now in our time space not in yours. We can?t wait. I can make the house payment anymore. Please let the house sell so we can live on the equity, or show me the way to make some money to by food and make the payments. I don?t know what to believe any more. If this prayer does not work, I have no where else. St Jude pray for us who have no hope. I ask for help in Jesus name. Amen

s is to live in a loving home.

I am sorry for putting my family through so much stress. It was not my intentions to make their lives more difficult. I wanted them to have more comfort. To enjoy and be proud to live in a beautiful home. I realize that I was wrong. All my family really needs is to live in a loving home.

eams of Miracles do come true.

Dear Lord, Please Help me in this Dark times. I Believe I am losing a friend, a dear friend, someone you sent me to help keep my Heart in a righteous place. I call her my Angel because She is a Gift from you my Lord. She motivates me to do right. and Keeps a smile on my face in the Darkness of the night. I miss my Friend so dearly. But it seems as if the evil of the world is taking her away. I am a sinner and so is she. But we both have so much love for you in our Hearts. And want you to be in our lives and clean our spirits from this sin we live in. It is so Hard for me my Lord, With the World tugging on our shoulders. Pulling us down separate paths of sinful lives. My Friendship with her is very Strong But it needs to grow even stronger, That way the Friendship we share with you will be indestructible. I am willing to forgive her for her mistakes. because I know you do that for me. But Im praying for you to come into her life. and remind her of how wonderful our friendship was, and still could be. So that she may forgive me for my mistakes as well. I need your guidance and your shoulder to lean on through this trial my Lord. It is so difficult to watch the one i Love walking away down a road, where, she way never return. I ask not for myself. But for her beautiful soul. Protect her from Harm, and Warm her from the Cold. Thank you for valuable Time My Lord. There is not another blessing in my life I want more then the one blessing you have already giving me. and That is Her my Lord. Jessica Batallan. My Very own Angel, I waited 19yrs for that special gift to come into my life. and the Day i found her, was the Day I knew Our Dreams of Miracles do come true.