e. In Jesus name I pray , Amen

Dear Lord, I come to you in prayer because scripture tells us if we come to ask in Jesus name it shall be given. We are also told that no prayer is too small or unimportant. Therefore , I ask three things at this time. Good health for myself and family; Prosperity; Love among my family and my wife as you meant it to be. In Jesus name I pray , Amen



his includes my grand children

Please God help me and my husband find a better place to live or lord give us money so we can pay for this one we have. Please God let all my family get saved before I die so I know they well be in haven with me and this includes my grand children

hanks you, thank you. Lord God

Lord please help me. I am in need. I cry out for your help. Lord you know my flaws. Please help me I am in need. Cure me lord. Make me as I thought I was. Lord provide stength. Thank you for your guidance. Let me not fall. Lord let me go on in your name. Thanks you, thank you. Lord God

m heaven victory in jesus amen

prayer for gods will and restoration for salvation gods kingdom and peace healing forgivness spirit and truth glory to god help from heaven victory in jesus amen

atin vow wow sad for it all…

Hello im DeShawn on this planet anim just chill ya know. But im so fed with the job people here all i want is to just chill norm 20 at the job they lied and it was the best job for me so idont complaining but i deserve to work so ya know help me get another with that amount or something…otherwise im just cool…praise yeah….i need some respect from this life….is all knowing cristmas is soon they shouldnt be wrong that why be alive for these peoples evil…..nobody is me youll help me right…you even saw my job…..eatin vow wow sad for it all…

ve always, Your daughter. Iris

Dear GOD, I am thankful for your undying love and faithfulness. Every moment things are improving, and the more I trust in you, and only you to provide all of my needs, I am growing happier, more content. Thank you for that, Thank you for my children, shelter them in your wings, and protect them. Shower them with your blessings. You are wonderful and amazing. I am thankful to be your child. Thank you for not giving up on me, when I had given up on myself. I praise you for you alone are worthy, and I am so in love with you. Bless the people who visit this site, the ones who run it , and the ones who place these letters in your wall. Bless us all, and continue to hold us and comfort us, even when we don?t want to be loved, you love us still. I am claiming the blood of Jesus in my life, my marriage, over my children, my family. We are yours and I will stand fast, and be sit waiting for your perfect will and timing. In the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost I pray for blessings, and abundance, and I thank you for them in advance. I am forever in awe of you. Love always, Your daughter. Iris

ray to be closer to you, amen.

lord please forgive my sins, i am not the perfect son i should strive to be, and the bad thing is i dont attempt to be, im stuck in the world, doing worldly things. I want to stop, but it feels im in too deep, i dont know wich way to turn to get out of the cave i have let myself wander in. i pray for your forgiveness, i pray for you to grab me by the hand and get me out, i pray for the safety of my friends and family, i pray to be closer to you, amen.

are blessed with from ADONAI.

I want to serve Yahweh and spread the Good News about Yeshua to all nations. I pray for my daughter Alexis, Jessica, Samantha for Wisdom and Yahweh?s guidance upon their life that He will use them in this world to do good things for the world to bring Him glory. To be favored all the days of their life and to never sin against Yahweh. That the work they will do for Yahweh in this world that He will show them what their calling is. For Jessica to be the greatest writer, producer in the Entertainment Industry and that they will never leave God and love their neighbor. That they will be wealthy to give to the poor. Send spirit filled friends in their lives. To be on top and to be known in the world for good. Protect them from all evil. Bless them with courage faith love joy peace and a blessed marriage. A God heart and mind of Yeshua. They will fear no man but on Yahweh. To be thankful for all things that they are blessed with from ADONAI.