you let me feel you presence.

Dear Lord,i am sorry for all the bad thing that i have done in my life time. but this time in my life i really need you.please lrt there be an end to all my problems that is going on. i love you lord and i know you will help me get through this. and please help me from my own personal problems that i dont even think is never going to end.i am in need you you let me feel you presence.

u, In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Dear God, It?s been an amazing expereance, I?ve actually experenced in this situation. I?ve Prayed & Prayed, to be Healed. Lord I would that Woman which you choose for me. Adventually I?m moving to fast. Lord, give me one chance of proven the devil wrong. Give my life, a new start. Allow me to not worry about what others have to say. Allow me to get this job at GGFH, in the name of Jesus. Allow my voice grow so I can sang again. Allow me to write again. Let me hear a wsord from you Father. Please give me the strenth of being a Father of my own. As I remember how to write stage plays; Give me the chance of a lifetime of presenting it to the World. Take the profanity out of my system. This I ask of you, In the name of Jesus. Amen.

tchaell thank u an god bless u

can u ask god to stop all this eivl around me and to help my family to get better an stop this crime an war please an right me back please from peter j burtchaell thank u an god bless u

let sin separate us from him.

Are you serious? I mean…how can a wall be closest to God…isn?t our bodies supposed to be a temple for the Holy Spirit? Should?nt we be closest to him unless ofcourse we let sin separate us from him.

of the lord for ever and ever

oh God Jesus Christ please forgive me of my sins and watch over my family. Lord i repent of my sins and help me stop my sins. Lord show me the way to heaven and let me stay in your word. Lord also will you let my cousins jennifer and jessica get into your word and also please Father let me get my skateboard very very soon. Also dont let me get grounded any time soon. Let me also get money to do things i want. lord just please let me abide by your word. you are my life and my soul lord please keep me. The Lord is my sheperd i shall not want he maketh me to lie in green pastures he leadth me beside still waters he restorith my soul he leadth me in the path of rightouesnous for his name though i walk in the shadow of the valley of death i fear no evil for though art with me thy rod and thy staff they comfort me though preparest a table before me in the presents of my enimies unointest my head with oil my cup runneth over surley goodness and mercy will follow me all the dys of my lif and i will dwell in the house of the lord for ever and ever

the remaing day?s of my life.

I try each day to do what is right but I have come to the conclusion that no matter what I do I can nor will think that I can be perect for I fall into sin each day. You are the one and only one that is perfect and I want to say thank you for going to the cross and dying for my sins. My Lord and savior Help me each day to be close to you. Show me the way with your spirit that lives in me. May I come to you each day and love and and learn to know you my father all the remaing day?s of my life.