Betty Kadence and Garrett Jr.

Dear God, We are doing all you have asked of us, every night we kneel and pray for Meagan to get to come home to us and we know it will be soon- bubby and sissy and I miss her soo much! Please God watch over my little angel until I can, tuck her in every night and tell her that we love her sooo much and that her little brother and sister are taking good care of her toys and Mr.Bear. Lord please make the time go fast till I can hold her in my arms again. Each day seems to take forever and I miss not hearing her voice yelling Mom! Look! or even her sneaking down the hall and climbing into my bed because she was scared my back was cold. Tell their Dad Im not mad anymore and that I love him its just that I am so lost and miserable without her I cant help it. If nothing else please make sure that one day we will get to be together again. Thank you for tommorrow and for my children without them I would be nothing. Goodnight Lord watch over us all I cant wait till I get to thank you in person but for now I will continue doing good things for you. Love, Betty Kadence and Garrett Jr.

his on my own, please help us!

i am frusterated and tired, it doesn?t seem no one hears me, and no matter how hard i try i can not do this on my own, please help us!

our loving daughter, Verneccia

Dear God, I know I talk to You everyday, almost every hour of everyday, but it seems as though I need You more than ever right now.I know that I have so much to be thankful for, sometime I feel ashamed when I have the nerve to complain.It?s jut that I know my purpose in life, and I know that Your timing is perfect.I?m just a little anxious I guess. I?ve been given so many tats by You and I am ready to use them for Your purpose. Sometimes I feel so worthless, I?m always letting You down with my constant pleas for you to enlarge my territory.God, You know my heart, the businesses I want are solely to fund the ministry that You brought me into this world to lead. I want You to work through me to inpact the lives of all who don?t know how wonderful You are.I want to take care of my family-not just my immediate one, but all my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am ready to lead, please hear me. I love you Lord and thank You for what You have done, are doing, and will do in the future. Your loving daughter, Verneccia


Dear GOD I love you .Please give your blessings to your children. We are suffering dear Lord.My mother is suffering since 20 years,she is in lot of pain please help lord.I?m suffering with her ,please give peace to my heart to my soul. Please change those people whom does the evil things to others,please change their hearts change their bad thinking turn the evils into angles Dear Lord .Teach them to use their power for good results not for the bad results.Lord fill their hearts with love for them whom they wants to hurts.Thank you GOD for allowing me to talk to you.LOVE you GoD,BLESS ME LORD.

d?s blessings. Rebecca Vickers

Dear Friends My beautiful 24 yr old daughter Constance was in an motor scooter accident and sustained severe injuries to her brain stem. She has been in a coma for two weeks and the medical establishment idoes not hold out hope for her recovery or any type of meaningful life. Please pray for a miracle for Constance. I believe in miracles, study the Course but a situation this can shake up ones faith terribly. We are being pressured to take her off of life support in a month unless she shows purposeful movement. I am praying all day, every day but the more prayers, the better. I spend alot of time between visits praying and requesting prayers. I know that the power of group prayer is incredibly strong. Thank you from my heart and God?s blessings. Rebecca Vickers

me up! xxxxx Devil?s Daughter

Dear God, I think maybe we should hook up sometime. I mean, I know that my father and you have had some disagreements, you casting him into Hell and all, but still… I?m pretty horny. Hit me up! xxxxx Devil?s Daughter

ados de ti te lo pido senor…

Thank you for all the good things in live for the things that make our lifes eassier and make us smile God forgive us all for all of our sins y todas la ofensas que te emos hecho te pido perdon por todo lo que he echo mal y me alludes a seguir el camino asia ati… y ser una persona de corazon noble y servir alos demas con amor como tu hijo jesucristo lo hiso… te pido por aref y su familia para que los alludes y por todas esas personas que sufren por esta guerra y para que les de amor y bondad los corazones de todos tus hijos que estamos ta alejados de ti te lo pido senor…

AMEN!!!!!!!I love UUUUUUUU…

Dear God can you bless my home with happiness and help all of us to fsllow our dream.Cast all the demands out of our soul and body.Help me to overcome mydeppression and my sins.Allow me tp repent for the good and the bad….In the name of Jesus Christ AMEN!!!!!!!I love UUUUUUUU…