sten only to you .Praise god!!

I know that I have sinned.Please forgive me and help me to become the person you want me to be.I pray that you hear my cries to you and that you show me what to do and when to do it. I love you more than anyone and listen only to you .Praise god!!

did the dinosaurs??! FUCK YOU.

Hey uhhh, if you?re real, why don?t you actually do somthing about all the shit that?s in the world right now? Are you gonna kill the humans off you did the dinosaurs??! FUCK YOU.

to pray for them and others a.

And Lord please forgive all of those who curse You simply b/c they do not understand, such as badfinch and danyell. I will continue to pray for them and others a.

heese afflictions away from me

Dear Godi am a liar and a cheat. I steal and disrespect others. I ask you heavenly father to take theese afflictions away from me

lessed Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dear God. Just want to thank you for calling me to be a Minister of the Gospel. Because there are so many men that will not except this as a womans calling. I am out to win all the souls that I can for Jesus Christ. I ask you god to open every door taht can be opened for me to spred this blessed Gospel of Jesus Christ.

d strong to be there for them.

Thank you first for all answered prayers,and for always staying close to your children. Please help Cathy who just went through four stints put in her chest after a heart attack. Also my husband who has a growth in his chest. Me,that i will keep healthy and strong to be there for them.

s ones. In Jesus name, I pray.

Dear Lord, As I read the prayers of others, I can feel their anger amd disasterous prices they have had to pay. I have felt there have been other people in their lives who never supported them. The bitterness runs very deep and roots itself in the one who has not asked for the hand they were dealt. Dear Lord, I pray for the one who wrote and called himself satan. I pray and ask you Dear Lord, to let him see you in your love, mercy, and compassion. I also pray the same for Robby and fghdshtgask. No, the wailing wall has no powers to heal or save. It is however a point of contact to increase your faith in God. Israel is the apple of God?s eye. When Jesus comes back, He will come back to Jerusalem. And who knows, before he comes, if He wants to use the wall to heal everyone, He can. It?s wonderful to know that my prayers are going on a pilgramage to the Holy Land. Lord, if they only knew, that You see the pain and need these people are suffering. Their anger is covering a lot of hurt. Please, Lord, do for them what You have done for me. May Blessings abound in their lives. Thank You my Dear Lord, for these precious ones. In Jesus name, I pray.

esus name I come to You, Amen.

Dear God, Even if my letter doesn?t get to the wall of Jerusalem which is said to be the closet place on earth to you I know you will still hear me. God Please come into my life and rescue me from all my turmoil. That?s turmoil in health, relationships, finances, you name it I have it. I don?t have to tell you because you already know. I come to you once again Lord asking that you save me take the burdens that I have off of me. I feel I want to die but at the same time I want to live because I love my children that you have blessed me with but I feel I have no more fight. So, I come to you Lord because I know that no one but you can turn my life around. Help me Lord I?m crying out to you! It is now Lord that I know I need you to carry me. In Jesus name I come to You, Amen.