let sin separate us from him.

Are you serious? I mean…how can a wall be closest to God…isn?t our bodies supposed to be a temple for the Holy Spirit? Should?nt we be closest to him unless ofcourse we let sin separate us from him.

s. I need you now most of all.

Please forgive me for all my faults in my failed marriage. Please let my husband find happiness with his new love and please help me threw these terrible times. I need you now most of all.

nwsering my prayers as always.

God, I am reading a book called ??The Life You Were Born to Live?? and it is helping me so much. According to the book I need to learn to trust people. I want to ask you to help me to trust myself most of all, and to be open with myself. Secondly, I want to ask you to help me be trusting and open up to others with confidence. Thank you for anwsering my prayers as always.

nasty talk thats on this site

Dear Lord please forgive me of my sins ihave lived my life in a way that is not yours please inspire me to do more for you and please forgive all of the nasty talk thats on this site

Betty Kadence and Garrett Jr.

Dear God, We are doing all you have asked of us, every night we kneel and pray for Meagan to get to come home to us and we know it will be soon- bubby and sissy and I miss her soo much! Please God watch over my little angel until I can, tuck her in every night and tell her that we love her sooo much and that her little brother and sister are taking good care of her toys and Mr.Bear. Lord please make the time go fast till I can hold her in my arms again. Each day seems to take forever and I miss not hearing her voice yelling Mom! Look! or even her sneaking down the hall and climbing into my bed because she was scared my back was cold. Tell their Dad Im not mad anymore and that I love him its just that I am so lost and miserable without her I cant help it. If nothing else please make sure that one day we will get to be together again. Thank you for tommorrow and for my children without them I would be nothing. Goodnight Lord watch over us all I cant wait till I get to thank you in person but for now I will continue doing good things for you. Love, Betty Kadence and Garrett Jr.

u at the battle of Armageddon.

Thank you for allowing Morphious to awaken me out of the Matrix.Even tho i eat mush all the time and i have computer components attached to my neck and back annd we only wear gray and black clothes.Its still better then being asleep in a plastic tube with a womb gel substance.Being a battery for the world of machines. Thanks for the super powers to slide back and forth between worlds. Now that i have God powers i think i will be coming to cast you out of heaven for allowing G.W. Bush to destroy the very fabric of humanity and nnot wipe HIM off the face of the earth. For all of the deaths in Iraq I find you to blame for this suffering they call life. Thanks for listening .. I will see you at the battle of Armageddon.

s Precious and Holy Name. AMEN

Dear Precious Father, The creator of all things. I thank you for all the works on this earth. Father as you already know my heart and my needs, I would to ask this, Show us all how we may BLESS YOU, as you are always pouring out upon us. Thank you for sending your Son to die on the cross in my place. I thank you for your love. And now Father as you have instructed me to do, I give you PRAISE, GLORY, and HONOR in Jesus Precious and Holy Name. AMEN

n glory in Christ Jesus. Amen!

Dear Lord, lead me and guide me always. Let me not despair and keep me always upbeat and positive with a cheerfulness born of the Holy Spirit. Please, supply all our needs here according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Amen!