Thank you. In Jesus name Amen

Dear God, I wish you were here with me right now. I love you so much I just cant wait untill I go to heaven with you. I praise the lord for giving me a wonderful place to live and for giving me a wonderful life with a loving family. Thank you. In Jesus name Amen me to get out of debt.

dear god i am so depressed,of course you know that.i ask you to forgive me,for all my sins.please stand by my sons and grandchildren,don?t forsake them,they have a lot to them through all their them the right way to go.i want them to trust you i want them to be in heaven me to get out of debt.

ey problem,, please help susie

dear god,,thank u for this day ,, it really was a better da than yesterday,,, please dont for get that i am still struggling, and do not no how to pray as one should,, i am so burden down with debt ,, that it seems i cannot pray for any one but myself,, please help me i am so sorry for my sins and i give my heart soul and boby and life to u but u must speak to me and help me to understand that it is u and that u love me and will forgive me i need to hear from u,, must i beg for your help,, i dont no what to do i just no that i need help with my money problem,, please help susie

ing I need. Love, Bien Capones

Dear God, I LOVE You! I am SORRY for all the sins I?ve done, doing and will be done. Please FORGIVE me that I am a sinner. THANK you for providing me everything I need. Love, Bien Capones

to keep me there If you want?

God you already now what I want to ask of you. I what I?m doing at work,and the man that hurt his arm will be back soon.You help me alot when I was alone at work.Now that I know what to do there,I realy want to stay doing what I do there at work . Let it be your will Lord to keep me there If you want?

for listening and I love you.

Dear God, I ask that I may be forgiven for all my sins and I also thank you for everything you do for me and my family. I ask for good health, financial stability, and someone who will love me. Thank you for my two beautiful children and my family. Thank you for listening and I love you.

ank you lord. i love you lord.

dear lord you are my friend and you gave me everything. I dont know why i keep going away from you all the time. when i am with you i am happy and peaceful. dont let me go away from you. search and find me. i want to be back close to you. i lost the way back with the worst sins iam doing. iam lazy, no motivation, i cheating the people who love me, i am telling lies, iam not helping.. iam doing things expecting to get some thing back from them, i want forgiveness, i am also not able to forgive. i am not truthful.. i make other angry and feel bad..lord give me wisdom to choose what is right and wrong and follow what is right. some times i curse for for the bad thing which i brought myself please forgive me. purify my heart. help me. whip me when iam wrong. dont let the devil to come near me. i am sorry lord iam so selfish in my prayer also iam just asking only for myself. i dont know what to ask for other as iam overwhelmed with sins in my heart. please cleanse the sins. lord help me lord. i feel ashamed and so small before you not even worthy to ask you. please lord forgive me. and dont let me fall into sins. lord i cry and ask you listen to my prayers my dear saviour, my love, my life ,my lord. thank you lord. i love you lord.