just one big thing. thank you

sunsets, sunrises, smiles, wind on tree tops, innocent eyes………..thank you. Have mercy on us….we know and yet choose to just go on with out giving praise to the little things that you have given us, to only call on you when things are too unbareable to deal with. I see these things and that is what I use to keep you near, they are what I use to deal with things. I rather have a heart filled with a lot of little things then just one big thing. thank you

; the person I am meant to be.

Please help me God. I need help with so many different aspects of my life. Help me find someone really special that appreciates and respects me. Help me be a better person; the person I am meant to be.

d be cool. peace to mah jeezy!

mr g, sup? i want my cat back. and some butthole at school took my lunch money. i waz jus wonderin if u could give him lice. that would be cool. peace to mah jeezy!


Dear; God I love you because you loved me first. Then you gave JoJo to me to take cera of. And God bless daddy and heal him from the soreness in his chest. And bless mommy to stop smocking and if she stops smocking please help her Lord. A Men LOVE; ANN LOIS SILVERA AND JA?NIECE MONEE SILVERA

ior should i just b by myself

dear my ol mighty god please 4 give me 4 my sins and the way i act i love u and hope one day ill be able to live in ur eyes then the devel yes i no i been a bad girl but my live is fallin down and i need ur guidence im very viot to things around me and my feelings to i love a women me and i dont no what to do i want to get over her and move on and have babys out here with a man that i can make my husband but i dnt no what to do cuz i want her to want me now and not later on n life i know things wont always been perfect wit us but i want positive things with her a house and money and cars lots of things that only we can get on our own please god look out for my prayer and answer theese questions 4 me so i can move on in life show me whaere her heart is if i should stay or should i go to be with my future husband ior should i just b by myself

nderful name jesus i pray amen

dear lord jesus as uyou know my life is upside down mainly because of me.i need you you to see me threw my sins my troubles and, selfishest see lord i need get back on my feet. i?ve dug myself into a hold that i can?t get out of,i know my mistakes are the reason and im sorry for shaming your name give the power to act in faith and be not afraid of life and what it offer. let not my foes harm me protect me from evil, cuz i feel at my door daily.in your wonderful name jesus i pray amen

l of you. Thany you Lord. AMEN

Dear Lord, please help me find a solution for my back you know how much pain I have. Please help me find a solution for our financial security. Help our family stay healthy and mindful of you. Thany you Lord. AMEN

wounded. Feed the poor. a men

Lord our father in heaven Heal the sick. Give stenght to the weak. Heal the broken heart. Care for the wounded. Feed the poor. a men