.please help me…oh please…

Dear God, I am in need of help. Emotionally and financially..Please PLEASE forgive my waywardness..I have lost my faith since my husband of over ten years left me for a 23yr old and now they attend church together and I have yet to step foot on holy soil….I am about to lose my home…help me find a way to keep the house and continue to raise my son in it…I need a good job with medical so I can get help with my illness..I pray with all my heart you will send a job my way..I know LORD that it is up to me to look and I am everyday but now I am out of gas and my electricity is about to be shut off…help me God..I need you so bad …..I fear my depression will become to much for me..with losing my house and my career dead…soon I feel I will be gone too…Help my family to deal with another year of no Christmas or winter clothes..please help me…oh please…

sus.. Thank you for loving me!

I come before you at the foot of your throne to ask for your forgiveness for all of my sins. I have done so many things wrong from the time I was a little child, I had sexual contact before marriage from the time I was a young girl, I had taken things that were not rightfully mine, had 2 abortions in my teenage years, commented adultery, but most of all, I have fal so far from you, I back slid from you several times and Lord I NEED you back into my life, I pray for your forgiveness upon every sin I have done, I was born a sinner and I ask please in the name of Jesus forgive me, remold me into the person you want me to be, Help me financially, physically, emotionally but most of all spiritually. Come back into my life and into my heart Lord Jesus.. Thank you for loving me!

nd me everyday I love you god.

I am praying to forgive me of all of my sins from the past and from now I pray that god will release me of my sins and forgive me with the blood of christ I know that I will always make mistakes but I pray that god will always be with me and that I will also get a calm heart with my children that I will always listen to them even if I don?t agree that I will never be to busy and I will always be helpful to others I pray that my husband and I will be reunited under the lord and recommited to god I ask with a faithful and humble heart and voice that the lord will change me to be a woman of christ and to never look back at my past God I release my self to you and live for you and only you not the flesh please remind me everyday I love you god.

ing when you shall come again!

Dear God, You know what I am, I?m just but a sinner. I come to you asking for forgiveness of all my sins, and that without your son Jesus Christ, my personal saviour, I would not be able to meet you some wonderful day. God I pray that you will come closer in my heart everyday of my life here on earth. Guide me and show me the way to rightousness. God please cleanse me and make me as pure as possible, I?m tired of living for worldly things and sinful pleasures, I want to live a life completely for you and your son Jesus now, so please guide me and show me what I must do to please you and do good works here on earth for the rest of my days. Love you very much! And I cant wait for that glad morning when you shall come again!

hurting you,PLEASE FORGIVE ME.

Dearest God, I,ve done so much wrong in the past when I was a lot younger,and I supposed you have forgiven me for I asked for it so many times.Now I think I I?m a change man and I tried to be as good of a person to your standard,but being so nice comes with a price,lately I?ve been wronged big time by people,relatives and friends a I would to asked you to please help me cope with it and forgive them,because lately i?ve been thinking of hurting somebody or myself then in turn i?ll be hurting you,PLEASE FORGIVE ME.

which I should be living.amen

god i think you for being there through my rough times, I will always keep you in my heart. Lord so me the way in which I should be living.amen

ay I am. I Love you Lord. Amen

Dear Lord, I am asking for strength where I?m weak. Give me a leg to stand on. Guide me with your hand. I do not want to be a destitute when my baby comes in to this world. Please send me a miracle. Show me a guiding light with the answers. I am going through a really hard time, and I do not want to be with out my husband, please send us a home so we can be a family again. I?m sorry for being a neady child, I guess I?ve always been that way. I know that everything happens for a reason Lord. Please forgive the way I am. I Love you Lord. Amen

ing inside to say such things.

Dear God, Please help that poor soul who wrote that inappropriate comment towards you, I pray that you reach into that persons heart fill them with love and peace, for they must be searching and hurting inside to say such things.