hurting you,PLEASE FORGIVE ME.

Dearest God, I,ve done so much wrong in the past when I was a lot younger,and I supposed you have forgiven me for I asked for it so many times.Now I think I I?m a change man and I tried to be as good of a person to your standard,but being so nice comes with a price,lately I?ve been wronged big time by people,relatives and friends a I would to asked you to please help me cope with it and forgive them,because lately i?ve been thinking of hurting somebody or myself then in turn i?ll be hurting you,PLEASE FORGIVE ME.

which I should be living.amen

god i think you for being there through my rough times, I will always keep you in my heart. Lord so me the way in which I should be living.amen

ay I am. I Love you Lord. Amen

Dear Lord, I am asking for strength where I?m weak. Give me a leg to stand on. Guide me with your hand. I do not want to be a destitute when my baby comes in to this world. Please send me a miracle. Show me a guiding light with the answers. I am going through a really hard time, and I do not want to be with out my husband, please send us a home so we can be a family again. I?m sorry for being a neady child, I guess I?ve always been that way. I know that everything happens for a reason Lord. Please forgive the way I am. I Love you Lord. Amen

ing inside to say such things.

Dear God, Please help that poor soul who wrote that inappropriate comment towards you, I pray that you reach into that persons heart fill them with love and peace, for they must be searching and hurting inside to say such things.


Dear GOD, I know that we as human has failed you over and over again, And than ask ourselves in our time of difficulties why me? And where is GOD? But you have also been there for us, is us that run away. But today GOD I would to say THANK YOU. Because even in my easy times and in my hard time you have NEVER forgotten me. And those cold nights when I am feeling alone you are watching over me. And you always forgive me and let me know that you love me, and always supply me with my daily needs. Cause with out you GOD we are nothing. I am not living today because my mother gave birth to me 29 years ago, But because you want me here and have a purpose for me. So here I am GOD. Thank you GOD. I LOVE YOU… FATHER,SON…and HOLY SPIRIT. AMEN

to fight Satan off of me. Amen

Please forgive my sin of lying all day,everyday. God please forgive me for lying and saying my father molested me and making him leave. Forgive me for putting him through so much hurt and shame, Forgive his sins against me the ones -You know them. Forgive me and realese me from the anger and hurt of Jan. Forgive me God for trying to commit homicide against one of your children-me. Help me to be the person you want me to be and help me to fight Satan off of me. Amen

ily esp. my mom… and ate cel

i want to thank you for all the blessings you?ve given me. especially for the chance to make myself a renewed and better person. make me stronger me to be able to forgive those people who have hurt me so much. take care of my daughter bec. i can?t bring her up alone. pls. guide me… thank you so much.. take care of my family esp. my mom… and ate cel