nd have them be blessed. Amen.

Dear God, I know it?s been a while since we?ve ??talked??. I really miss it. I would to take this time to ask for your forgiveness for the sins I have committed in the past. I knew they were wrong when I did them and I even tried to deny some. I know what I did and I am confessing now. I ask that you please forgive me for the ones I committ in the future; for I am not perfect. Please bless me and help me to try to do better in my life. Help me do what is right and pleasing to you. I would also to pray for everyone on your green earth and have them be blessed. Amen.

us by Your neverending grace.

Lord God, may You glorify Yourself always – as it is Your great pleasure to do – and I pray that You would grant to those whom You have chosen the eyes to see Your glory and to find their source of joy in You – as is the chief existence of man. I pray that You would grant understanding to the world, that all would know that You do not reside on a wall, and that, cloaked in the imputed righteousness of Your perfectly holy Son, we may come boldly into Your throne room, ascribe glory to You, and have comm with You in that Son?s precious name. May Your name be hallowed on earth, and may You glorify Your Son by revealing to us the awesome beauty of Your plan of redemption, of proclaiming the innocence of those who call upon the blood of Your pure and spotless Lamb, as our eyes are opened to see Your kingdom, and Christ?s sinless account is ascribed to us by Your neverending grace.

Savior. In Jesus? name. Amen.

Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner and need Your forgiveness. I believe that You died for my sins. I want to turn from my sins. I now invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as Lord and Savior. In Jesus? name. Amen.

ang and the huge nose…prick.

Dear God, If you?re so into forgiveness and all that, why can?t the Cubs win a world series? All they did was ask a guy to take his goat home? Is it really that big a damn deal? I mean come on, give us a break here. The Rockies? THE ROCKIES? Is this a joke? P.s. Thanks for the small wang and the huge nose…prick.

ck. Love you, Your son Leonard

Dear Farther it have been revealed to me that one of the most profound mystery of the Holy Bible is that satan deceived the whole world and the deception is that he have most of the world worshipping on Sunday instead of your Sabbath day. Please reveal the truths to some of these pastors that leading your flock. Love you, Your son Leonard

,to deliver us.Thank You Lord.

Renew a clean heart in me, my LORD.Show me the way, your will not mine.Forgive me for my sins, have mercy on me.Restore my family,show us your compassion,that over flows for all the call upon thee.Heal my broken heart, show me how to forgive him that has hurt me.May your Holy word be spoken,to deliver us.Thank You Lord.

kload is more than I can bair.

Dear god I am struggling with the fact that my wife has been unfaithful to me for 18 years. I have to Kids and I have one of the most stressful jobs known to man. I do not know what to do and realize that this is much bigger than I can handle. please help me decide if I should end this relationship or continue. I am struggling with this, but when you have kids envolved it complicates matters. Also help me be at piece with my job. It has continued to become more stressful and the workload is more than I can bair.

situation. Thank- you so much.

Dear God I am struggling wih empiness in heart I need to hear a word from you Father I feel so all a lone. Please me with my children. Help me to find you in my heart I love you very deeply. Father help me make the city stop harniess me and find flavor with the situation. Thank- you so much.