o good on the fcat and the eoc

God please help me pass the fcat and the eoc tbis year and the next three years i wanna do good i wanna pass the ninth grade i wanna be a graduating senior with my friends on 2016 i wanna prove everyone wrong i wanna be someone succesful i wanna graduate at the university of north carolina chapel hill please god take me through the right path and protect us from all the evil spirits and all the bad things givee us good no bad i hope i do good on the fcat and the eoc

f you are out there thank you.

I want god to read my letter please, dear god can you give me guidance to seek out the new me in life now that I have recovered from alcohol and drugs. I know I have been very bad in my actions in the past and I hope you can lead me your way now. I am just making a prayer to make my life straightened out by praying for forgiveness, attending Sunday mass, staying on task in church, being motivated for school, and helping others by just being a friend to them when many need at least to be talked to. I understand that my life has been a disaster since I turned 11 years old and now I made a change at 29 years of age. I made a change to put you god in my life and know your there forever so that I can be safe and belong to. I am counting on you god when I know that all I have learned about in the bible classes I have attended, church masses, and readings about the bible are true and will never go away because they exist. So now jesus the only thing I want to do is pray the rosary in church when I receive comm for it calms me down to believe I am not just out there with no communication about a belief of peace and love towards me. God if you are out there thank you.

In jesus name i pray. William

God be with us on this day help me lord show my love deborah that i can be the man she needs and wants. Give me stranth lord to do this and wisdom to do it right. I need your help lord and to hold deboarh hand though it all please walk with us guide us to do this right. Help me o lord do the right thing. Guide me please lord. In jesus name i pray. William

others please please do this,

God I need to not get the stomach flu. I know it is a silly reason but I need to take away all the bad germs and my germs away from the poor people I have contamited please I need to let go of this virus for this time?please could you ever give it to me another couple years because I need a chance this week and this year I have now advanced this past year and I never got the chance to thank you for that. Please forgive me with this chance I need a heathy life and need grace. You can do something give me a bad test grade but I need to not get sick. Please god and lord I need you for real this time. I know I have never prayed a lot but please for this time and many times I will. Do not honor anymore this month just this one time please do it. For my sake and others please please do this,

is unholy from our lives asap

help megan richko michael richko michelle richko and richko famioly to over come all evil obstacels heal family tree for the richko family for healing of fear axiety depression and all sickness we ahve of mind body soul inne rhelaing of helping us to want and surredner to9 god will and for jjesus amry god to provide for us and st joseph for safe travel to break unholy s evil soul bonds evil soul ties between megan richko and myles thompson asap deliver protect megan richko out of this very unhealthy unholy relationship please and to break unholy s evil soul ties evil soul bonds between michelle richko and lewis lungu and for dominick godla and ava margitza and between susan higdon and richard richko helpus to live speak in the truth to sin no more help us to have peace happiness proseperity for changing our lives for the better and to help us to repent andfor helping us to get to divine mercy feast day confession and mass asap help us to have new blessed holy desire home job etc that are of god remove all that is unholy from our lives asap

is prayer. Your daughter, A.C.

Dear God, please have him see things from my shoes and have him realize that we could work. Please heavenly father, I beg of you to bless us with a fighting chance and I promise you from the bottom of my heart that if you mend it, I will do nothing but good in my life. I will bring as much joy into others lives as I can and I will guide my life by you. Please, Lord, relieve me of this broken heart and make it whole once more. Guide him back into my life and me into his arms. With your blessing father, please grant me this prayer. Your daughter, A.C.

u God. In Jesus name…. Amen

Dear God Please pray for my family. we are facing some financial problems. we are burdened with sufferings and all kinds of problems financial and deep debt. We are financially crippled. Only by miracle of God will somehow get us through this tough time. we can not get out of this. I pray for my dad?s business & give him success. I pray that God opens the windows of the heaven and pour on us great financial blessings. please god help my sister bless her and give her success about her aim in life for study in USA. May she obtain her desired marks in TOEFL exam. I also pray for my house, good health for my all family members, specially my mom and dad?s good health and good finance for us and for our all round prosperity.I know you will find a way .I love u God. In Jesus name…. Amen