y name glory to you love Linda

Give me peace and a loving heart make me like Jesus forgiving and kind and you know my needs so I ask the desies of my heart and your strength forgiveness and all good things to give to others understanding faith and deep compation all good things from my father.joy cease from anger talking about others only to have love for all like Jesus I praise your holy name glory to you love Linda

, kind person. Please help me.

Dear God: I have been having a really hard time lately. Last year the apt I share with my daughter had a fire and we were displaced for six months. My uncle passed away. I lost my job and my unemployment ran out. My money is dwindling also. I have been doing all I can do to find a job but to no avail..I just dont know what to do. All this stress has landed me in the hospital at the beginning of the year. I am a good Catholic, kind person. Please help me.

erson.I want to be born again.

I want my God to forgive me on everything i did. i know that i?m a sinner and i ?ven?t objey God?s commandments. pleaple forgive me Lord and make me the new person.I want to be born again.

he glory, in Jesus name, Amen.

Dear Jehovah Elyon, Hear my prayer and reveal yourself to me in a way that is totally life changing. Cause your goodness to pass before me. It is my desire to be so filled with your Holy Spirit and to be used by you to carry out your will upon this earth. I pray and ask for 3/4 of the wisdom and understanding you gave to Solomon. Father God, I also pray for my wife, that you would show her the favor of Joseph in her job, give my mother a job that is exceedingly and abundantly above all that she could ask, expand my friend Andre?s business. I remind of you of previous prayer request of $50,000 so that I may be a blessing to others. I thank and praise you, in all things to you be the glory, in Jesus name, Amen.

for us and u r the best ok bye

god i have done bad things so i want u to forgive me for all that i love u and ur my best friends in the whole wide world u dided for us and u r the best ok bye

15in next 10 yrs,

$15,000,000 in next 10 yrs, bsbg, p

I know this is a great request but it is not an impossible request.

your god you can do it.

me because he loved me, amen.

Dear Lord, I know it?s easier to pray but sometimes it?s good to know it?s physically going somewhere. I am so scared, but i think you know that. i am afraid to give up my baby. I need your help. I need to know that I am doing the right thing and that I?ll survive. Sometimes I am not so sure, like right now, and it kills me to think I?d be loosing my baby for nothing. Are you proud of me? Is this the right thing? Am i going to be okay? I feel sick inside when i think of those people driving off with my baby. I want to feel good about this. Please, give me peace for my decision. its not one i can take back after its said and done. I want to be happy, i want to have a good life. i want to find someone who loves me like crazy and marry them in the temple. i?m so scared. will you help me? will you let this go smoothly? i know we are given tests to strengthen us but will this break me? are you making me stronger? Please god, i cant do this by myself. i want to know that you are there for me. how do i strengthen my faith? i promise i?ll read the scriptures tonight. i need you. help me with my faith that you?ll help me through this because it?s the right thing to do. the prophet has couseled us to give the baby a family. i need your help to go through with it…please help my family be a help to me. help my mom. help all of this. help me not to hate karen and brady. i love thee Lord. i want to feel your love because i?m scared. i want to know all of this is true, because i have been so lost for so long. i dont want to be lost anymore. i need guardian angels. please help Ruth to know that this is good. help me to know this. help my sister have her baby complication free, and that this little angel will be healthy. please bless my little angel to be healthy. forgive me for any harm i mightve done to him. i am so ashamed. forgive me Lord. help me get over Andrew. help me to have perspective. give me your wisdom and your strength. i need to know that you have a plan for me, and it includes letting karen and brady love this baby. help me help me help me. i love thee Lord, thank you for this beautiful world. i write these things in the name of Jesus Christ, my Savior who died for me because he loved me, amen.

t I may help others. Thank you

Lord I am glad you are in my life. I need your help I feel selfish asking for myself. I am your child and I need your guidance. I have three homes listed. Please send me buyers for these homes. I need this not only for myself but that I may help others. Thank you

with you.I love you Lord. Tina

Dear God, I just wanted to write you this letter and say I am sorry for once again letting you down.Lord I hate it when I drink and I dont know why I set myself up to fall and do it.Lord Please forgive me father for my sin.Please help me to stay sober and please help me to understand I cant drink at all!I see the problem here because I dont do it all the time it is far to easy to fall in the trap.Lord Father in heaven please help me please dont stop loving me for getting drunk.Please help me to help myself.Please send me to the church where u want me to be.Please put christian people in my life to help me with my walk with you.I love you Lord. Tina